Wednesday, July 5, 2017

27 weeks with #5

Week of June 12th  

How Far Along? 27 weeks!!!! stay in little one!! NO MORE PREEMIES FOR THIS FAMILY PLEASE!!!

I waited until this day to take the picture!
Due Date:  September 12

Total weight gain/loss: Still 11

Maternity Clothes? yup and I love nursing tanks are still one of my favorite items of clothing!!!

Stretch Marks? Ehhh I don't even notice my old new ones to note...

Sleep?  Still pretty much the same...every few days Adam stays with the boys so I can get a more restful night sleep. Though I miss having my hubby in bed with me...he is awfully sweet to let me have some good sleep. 

Best Moment of this Week?  I’ve been trying to do something with the kids every day this summer, Even if that’s just going to my parents. So we went to the Strawberry patch, which was a huge disappointment…will have to make note to go earlier next year. But we also did touch a truck where the kids got to sit in and honk the horns on several big trucks, we also went to the pool and splash pads!! This week Lincoln is in VBS at OLMC so that will be fun for him (and the littles too since I’m volunteering!)

Movement? Oh yes. And it’s the most reassuring thing ever.

Food cravings? nope...not really just trying to enjoy my sweets while I can since I have to get tested for GD soon and I will inevitably be one again.

Food aversions? nope

Gender? I'm still thinking girl

Labor Signs?  Contractions still happening daily, some days are worse than others.
this picture could not be more perfect. She
spontaneously came up and did this as Adam
took the picture...such a MIRACLE!
I also take it as a sign that Laynie was saying
"Hi mom, I'm doing ok too"

Belly Button In or Out? Still in and always in

What I miss? Nothing. Enjoying being pregnant since we are both pretty sure this is my last one.

What I am looking forward to: VBS this week. I love volunteering and helping these kids get excited about God. Such a beautiful thing to witness and be a part of!
Also I just have to get through Sunday which is father's day...I'll be 27.5 that day and I can't wait to get past this milestone...its a huge one for us!!

Size of the Baby:

Baby's now the size of an eggplant!
Baby's lungs are going through some major developments these days, which (combined with the opening of previously plugged nostrils) means he's now able to practice inhaling and exhaling. The lack of air in your womb means every "breath" is filled with amniotic fluid, but hey -- it's progress.

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