Monday, July 9, 2018

Lynlie is EIGHT months old

Eight months, wow! It just seems like each month is going quicker and quicker...and she just keeps getting bigger and bigger....why does time pass by so quickly, or better yet why do babies have to get big so quickly. I really wish they would stay smaller just a little longer. I just love babies and their cuddliness and the way they love you so innocently without judgement and the way they need you. There is just nothing better.

But since I can't stop time, Lynlie has of course gotten bigger and a little bit older, and this month was no exception. She is just a DREAM. She was the perfect little traveler to Mexico and was so good the whole time and even did great with our delay and lack of sleep.  Each month she just gets more and more fun.

Here are some of her milestones this month

  • Sleep continues to be pretty good this month
    • she takes 1 nap in the afternoon for about 2 hours
    • she will occasionally take a morning nap
      • this depends on when she gets up
    • She is no longer swaddled!! ahhhh
  • She is still EBF but is showing more and more signs of wanting some table food. 
  • She is our rolly poly baby...she rolls everywhere
  • she loves her siblings and is really loving interacting with them. 
  • She has found her tongue and loves to show it to you at every possible chance she gets
  • She is getting better and better at tummy time
  • She is FINALLY standing! She is really enjoying showing off this new skill
  • she is really close to sitting unsupported
  • She is still my extremely happy and smiley baby. She loves to smile and coo at you. She is just so much fun, she is always making new fun faces.
    • She can be quite loud at times and is often just singing or cooing at me.  
  • She is enjoying her toys a lot and loves to bang and hit her toys on things. 
  • She loves peak-a-boo and will bring the blanket or whatever up over her face. She is just so much fun
  • She LOVED the pool. She would just kick her legs and coo and have just a grand old time in the water. 
  • She is still in 6 month clothes, and in fact wore quite a few 3 month clothes on vacation, but i think it's safe to say she's officially in 6 month clothes now. 
    • shes in size 3 diapers
  • She loves to put her hands in her mouth still 
  • Everything goes into her mouth...we have to be careful with the boys legos!
  • She has the pointer grasp DOWN! 
  • She has tolerated our move to my parents house pretty well. She is still mostly sleeping like she did before, occasionally will wake up a bit more. 
  • She still loves her mama. My favorite thing is when she is perfectly content with my mom or someone else until she sees me, then it's all over she wants mama!
She really is a beautiful and perfect. Here are our weekly photos, and yes I did bring the blanket to Mexico JUST for this one picture!

We brought our chair to my parents house because of course I have to finish out these monthly photos in this chair!!

As you can see from these monthly photos she is getting quite the personality and she is so calm and relaxed and oh so much fun! We love you Lynnie Lou Lou

Lynlie is SEVEN month

I can't believe its been SEVEN months since our dream baby has made her entrance into this world! It's just so hard to believe another month has gone by. Why is it that time goes by so quickly?? I try my best to savor each and every day with her since I know I won't get to do this again...there are times where it really hits me that I most likely will never have another baby of my own to love and snuggle and kiss on whenever I want. Thank goodness Lynlie is such a good cuddler. :)

Truly each month with her just gets sweeter and sweeter. She is very happy baby and is just a true dream. I get stopped everywhere and people tell me how beautiful she is...well I also get stopped by people asking me if I have my hands full....haha But either way we are blessed, and Lynlie is just the icing on the cake. She's so very perfect.

Here are some of her milestones this month
  • She is still a dream sleeper
    • She sleeps 10-12 hours a time
    • She still takes 2 naps a day
      • one in the morning for about 30 min
      • one in the afternoon for 2-3 hours
      • She is still swaddled to sleep, though we are working on unswaddling. 
      • She is still primarily sleeping on her stomach
    • Since she is now rolling she has gotten caught in the rails of her crib, so I put up the breathable bumper. --even thought it's supposed to be more safe, it still makes me nervous...but I'm hoping she wont' get caught and will be able to sleep a little better when we don't use the swaddle. 
  • She's tried solids a few times, we gave her bananas and she acted like she was's just not her thing just yet.
  • She is still exclusively breastfed, and man does she love to grab and pull at my face while she is nursing...girlfriend needs to stop! haha
  • She rolls both ways now
  • She's in 6 month clothes
  • She's becoming more and more interested in her rattles and other toys
  • She still loves her mama most, and I'm loving it! 
  • She is starting to really interact with her siblings, and they just love her! She smiles at them, and almost laughs at them
  • She has yet to give me a belly laugh...I've almost caught it a time or two but nothing seems to get her to laugh...she smiles constantly but no laugh yet
  • She still doesn't love to be tickled. She gets this very unsure look on her face and ultimately ends up fussing
  • She is a talker...she can be very loud at times. but mostly she loves to sing, and babble. 
  • She still isn't sitting, or really standing for that matter...girl friend is LAZY, loves to just sit on your lap and be held
    • this being said, I'm trying to get better about putting her down on the ground for some tummy time...everyone tells me this is the best thing I can do for we will try our bests. 
  • She still doesn't have any teeth...which I'm ok with..I just love gummy toothless babies!
  • She still loves to kiss mama and when shes on my chest she will turn her head so she is looking at me to give me kisses...I just love that!
  • She's gotten a bit of an attitude and temper...when she cries she now throws her head back in exasperation! SO CUTE!
  • She is liking the shower more and more, she hasn't really ever taken a bath so I'm curious how the pool will be for her..
  • She is starting to sit in her high chair on occasion to just get her used to it. since she isn't sitting up yet she falls to one side or the other so we often prop her up. 
  • She celebrated her first Easter and we are ever so grateful to God for giving her to us. 

Here are her weekly photos.

We did our seven month photoshoot a day early because we left for Mexico on the day she actually turned 7 months. My goodness she's so cute!

Lynlie we just love you! You're a true dream! It has been so amazing to be your mama. You're simply perfect!

Sunday, July 8, 2018

Lynlie is SIX months

A whole half of a year? What how? why? Where does the time go? It's so hard to believe that my baby is half a year. Time just seems to be flying by!!! It's been one heck of a half of a year too!

She is growing more and more and those thighs keep getting thicker and thicker...and lets just face it, there is nothing better. She is getting more and more of a personality and I am loving getting to see her blossom into this beautiful and content little babe. She is such a blessing and we are so grateful that we get to love her.

Her six month milestones are;
  • She rolls from back to front. She hasn't quite mastered the front to back roll just yet. 
  • She is starting to sit in her bumbo more. She will sit there for a few minutes at a time. 
  • She still sleeps really well, sleeping about 12-14 hours at night, waking once at 6ish ( I usually wake her) for a feeding.
    • she still takes 2-3 naps a day
      • a quick 30 min nap in the AM while we go pick up Lincoln
      • A 2-3 hour afternoon nap
      • another 30 min nap in the late evening.
  • She is still swaddled while she sleeps. I still think this is why she is sleeps so well. I really need to get her un-swaddled for sleep though, we have tried a few times since she rolls to her tummy and keeps her head buried in the bed. 
  • She is doing slightly better with tummy time
    • she still isn't a huge fan, and lets face it doesn't get put down very much. But she will tolerate it for a few minutes and she hold her head up 
  • She is liking her jumperoo a little more too. While she seems to like the one at my parents house more than she likes the one at our house...there is slightly more to grab at on theirs
    • She will typically only sit in it for 10 min or so before getting irritated and want to be held. --she's no Lando and his jumper! 
  • She still takes the occasional paci. But only if she super tired and/or if shes in her carseat and needs to suck to fall asleep
  • She will suck on her tongue still when she is tired and wants to fall asleep and isn't able to nurse.
    • usually this is how I tell she is sleepy
      • she will rest her head on my shoulder and suck her tongue...cutest thing ever. 
  • She still loves to give me kisses and will suck on my lip when shes really tired or hungry...she will even find my face to suck on my lip at cute!
  • She had her first visit to Chicago and did quite well! She slept well in the pac n play and was just the ever cutest and pleasant little traveler. 
  • She is still Exclusively breastfed and isn't really showing any interest in our food at this time, so we will just wait until she shows a bit more interest. 
  • She loves her little fingers still and will find every opportunity to put those little fingers in her mouth
    • she doesn't suck on them, just either holds them in her mouth or chews on them
  • She has found her feet and will take her socks off at every opportunity
  • She is pretty talkative still and sings and babbles, but doesn't say any words just yet. 
  • She still notices me above everyone else, and will be fine sitting with other people until she hears or sees me...girl loves her mama
  • She is playing with toys more and more; I have to admit I've been pretty bad at having toys out for her to play with. I really need to get the infant toys back out! 
    • but she will bat at and play with the toys that are on her carseat
  • She still isn't sitting up just yet, or standing but that's probably more related to the fact that she is rarely put down...gotta get better about it. 
  • She is still in some 3 month clothes, though I started to get out the 6 month clothes...
I'm sure there are things I'm forgetting, but especially since I'm writing this now that she's 10 months old. Sorry Lynnie I'm trying, life is just so busy and my computer is wanting to take a crap. But thank goodness for iPhones and the ability to document things!

here are her weekly pictures. 

Here are her six month stats

  • She's 14 lbs 13 oz
  • She's 25% for weight
  • She's 26 inches
  • She's 50% for length
She's about 3-4 pounds lighter than the boys and about 1.5 inches shorter than the boys. She's still a little thing...not quite like Lola but she's still little...and I want to keep her that way. 

Our six month photo shoot...she chose this moment to give me a new face I've never seen before...the raised eyebrow smile is too much!

Almost like she is trying to look at me through her eyebrows...too cute

Here are our six month photos with Alicia...well they are more like 7.5 month photos...we had to reschedule because of weather and vacations and injuries...The day we got them was super windy and still not the best weather but we got them done!

Oh I love you! You're a dream and we are so very lucky you're ours!!! Love you my little love love.