Friday, March 26, 2010

I am one Lucky Girl

Ok so I have been feeling really lucky lately. My life may not be where I thought it would be but it doesn't make me any less lucky. I mean did I ever imagine I'd still be in college at age 24? Nope if I thought that, then I'd probably have become a pediatrician, of which I decided against because I didn't want to go to school that long, stupid idea on my part! But of the main reasons I feel so luck is my husband.

I met Adam when I was 20 and he was 25. We worked together during the summer of 2006 and for me it was love at first sight. He just has this way about him that I can't even describe, he had me from the first time he looked at me! haha! Well that summer turned out to be the best summer of my life and we continued our long distance relationship (he in Indy and me in West Lafayette) until we married in June of 2008. He turly is just the most amazing person I've ever met. He makes me happy every day just by looking at me and helping me achieve my dreams. I only hope I'm half the wife to him as he is a husband to me. I mean how many guys work their butts off so their selfish wife can go back to school cause she hated her job?

here are a few pictures of our life together.
This is one of my favorite pictures ever. My sister took this in the first few months we were dating!From our friends wedding. One of the first times I knew he truly loved me. We never stop laughing together!Have to give this guy credit. I'm not a small girl!
Not sure who or what he is looking at but either way this picture makes me laugh...we were at the rascal flatts concert and he was bored out of his mind...we left after 2 songs OH WELL...Hmmm who is taller? I finally struck the jackpot and found a guy who is taller than me! by a whole 5 nearly 6' this was hard to do!This was on our honeymoon. It was our 1 week anniversary. Wedding pictures are on a different computer...maybe thats why I still haven't printed any? oops

My Birthday last year at Mama Coroloa's!!! YUMMMMMMAdam was gone most of September and part of October...this was taken in the weekend he was home for 2 days during that time... I MISSED HIM A LOT!!!Christmas picture 2009...and we've added one mor dog to the mix!CABO 2010!!! More inlove today than ever before!
I truly feel blessed to have Adam as my husband...I couldn't have asked for a better guy! LOVE YOU BABY!

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Nerves Part II

So a couple of days ago I blogged about my how nervous I was about my husbands job. Well it unfortunately turns out that my nerves were not unmerited. Yesterday while I was hangout with my friend Katie, my husband text's me..."Matt got hit by a car and broke both legs" my immediate response was..."you're not funny!" and he said "I'm not joking, I wouldn't joke about something like that". That's when my stomach hit the floor and I felt as though I could puke. One of my greatest fears was just confirmed by someone that works with my husband. Now thank heavens Adam was in Richmond yesterday but that does little to ease my mind.
This accident didn't happen while they were running into the middle of I65. No this time they were in the median setting up stationing, the grassy median between the north and south bound lanes. This lady was in the right hand lane going north on 65. She became distracted because she had small dogs on her lap and was paying attention to them instead of the road. SO what she did was cross the left hand lane and went to the median. Thanks to Leo giving Matt a heads up that the car was coming towards him, Matt was able to jump and try to get over the gye wire so that all she hit were his legs which in turn were both broken along with his legs. I am so thankful that Matt is ok and that all that was broken were his legs. I hope this lady and many of us realize how dangerous driving is. The important thing is while in a car pay attention to the road a head of you and NOTHING ELSE. PUT THE CELL PHONES DOWN, LET THE KIDS CRY AND LEAVE THE DOGS ALONE! you are taking someone's life in your hand every time you take your eyes off the road!!!!!!!!!!! SO many people are afraid of flying because when accidents happen they are broadcasted over the news for weeks. What people don't realize is that more people die from car related accidents. Maybe if our media gave car accidents more attention people would be more careful behind the can only hope!

Monday, March 22, 2010

Home Improvements

So Adam and I have been living in our current house for almost 2 years. Wow how time flies. The first thing I did when he moved in, he moved in 2 weeks before we got married and I didn't move in till after our honeymoon, was with the help of my wonderful sister was paint! The old owners had this horrible baby diarrhea color on the wall. I hated it! So i picked out a blueish gray color because I really don't like topey brown colors. I felt that was enough for the first few weeks in the house.
Of course since Adam had lived in apartments for the previous 5 years before we met he had minimal furniture and what he did have he gave away to his brother or let his ex girlfriends keep (I was totally fine with that idea!!) We didn't have much when it came to furniture when we bought our home. We had invested in bedroom furniture that we bought off an old friend of his. But nothing else really. No kitchen table, no living room furniture nothing! So thanks to my wonderful Godmother she was buying new furniture for her house so she gave us a couch! So now we had a couch and a tv. that was it. HAHA
After we got back from our honeymoon we bought a table off craigslist. Which we totally spent too much on, but it was a table, and it really was perfect because Sadie ended up chewing on some of the chairs as a pup. Thanks so his grandparents moving they gave us dining room table and chairs, a china cabinet and a kitchen table! Wow. Plus thanks to my wondeful father who built us a more functional pantry our kitchen finally looks like its coming along...
This is the before, There was a horrible border before but I took it my joke of a pantry we used to have..

Here is the after. I think it looks so much better. My pantry is awesome! I've also changed the light fixture over the table but I just haven't taken a picture of it yet. I also spray painted the light fixures, someday I will repalce them but until then they will do. And I'll also eventually get all black appliances!

So this past weekend Adam and I finally got living room furniture! One day last month I was at a friends house sitting on her couch and it was so comfortable and her living room looked so homey and put together. So I looked online and found this cute living room set. After sitting on the idea for a week, Adam and I decided to go ahead and buy the furniture and on Saturday it was delivered!
Here is what the living room looked like before.

Adam then cleaned the carpets. I looks so nice! Plus you can still see the plastic on the windows, I'll take those down an put up some window treatments.

AND here is the final product. I still have to pick a paint color and I'm thinking of buying an area rug and of course pick so pictures to frame...maybe some wedding pictures?? HAHA

Sunday, March 21, 2010


SO this weekend has been anxiety ridden. Adam was working on I65 shooting centerline for the new added lane around the Lebannon area. He informed me on friday that he was going to be working OT(YAY). Then he told me they were going to be doing all of this without a lane closure which means they were running to the center of I65 inbetween cars trying to avoid getting hit. Sounds really safe doesn't it? Maybe thats why the cops were called several times and they almost caused a few accidents. sometimes people's intelligence is just astounding!!!!! But then he said that they would have to finish it by today beacuse on Monday the police would process all the calls and deem it unsafe to do the work. Well luckily they finished it this afternoon! But none the less I have been a ball of nerves for 2 days!
But the important thing I guess is that he is safe thanks to lots of prayers!!! I just hope next time his boss takes their safety into more of an account than the money they are making of the work. But I think that's impossible due to the society we live in that is so money hungry it makes me sick. MONEY ISN'T EVERYTHING! and I can attest to this since I make squat! What is important is God, family and great friends. Perhaps our focus as a society needs to change...but I'm not holding my breath!

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Spring Break

Rememeber when we counted down the days to spring break? that wonderful week that would break up the monotanousness that is school and homework. Just to get away to anywhere for a week to escape and relax. I used to look forward to those days. Now not so much.

This year I was looking forward to spring break so I could sleep past 8!! and so that I could finally clean my house the way it should be cleaned. sounds like a great way to spend spring brek huh? All I have to say is that no wonder my house is's taken me 3 days to get everything cleaned! thats ridiculous, granted one of those days was spent shampooing my bedroom and bathroom(man are those dogs dirty!!!). I need to make it more of a priority but honestly I can't seem to make myself do it. Any spare moment I have I would rather sleep, or watch a tv show(well with ABC cancelling so many of the ones I watch maybe I could clean instead)

well besides cleaning my filthy house that finally feels clean, i've been looking into picking paint colors for the living room. We've finally ordered furniture for our living room and it will be here in a few weeks and I'd like to get an idea of the color to paint the living room so that one room in my house will finally be done. But for now I've settled with finishing my kitchen for the most part. I mean i still want to change a lot of stuff but for now minus a few wall decorations and such its pretty much done. Slowly but surely this house will be cute and decorated, that decorating gene could kick in anytime and I'd be happy.

OH WELL, that why i have great friends to help me decorate!

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Application IN!

Well this week has been quite busy for me. For starters I have turned in my nursing application!!!! YAY!!! All this hard work and exile from friends and family has come down to a mere 5 pages worth of information. It seems odd that all my credentials and everything that would make me eligible for nursing school fits on 5 pages. And none of those pages says anything about me as a person. It's all a bunch of numbers, Grades, immunization dates, Immunity level, and a background check. Oh joy!

It's surprising they don't take personality into account...Being that I work at a hospital I have seen some GREAT nurses and I've seen some extremely BAD nurses. It perplexes me that a job that is so hands on and so people oriented doesn't require some sort of personality test. I mean nursing isn't for everyone just as accounting and construction aren't. It takes the right personality to deal with doctors and patients and it baffles me that just because my grades aren't up to par(apparently a 3.6 GPA isn't good enough) I can't seem to get in to any other nursing program(well without retaking every prerequisite class, sorry IUPUI but my concrete, static and strength of materials classes came before my psych 120, and Math 154 class). But oh well I think in the end Marian is the right fit for me, plus clinicals will be at a hospital I already know and love. I get to work at my own pace and hopefully keep my job at the same time. Someone has to carry the benefits and lets face it construction companies benefits are TOO EXPENSIVE!

As I turned in my application they told me that I will register for classes in 2 weeks and I will begin classes a mere 2 days after the spring semester is over. The kicker is that I will not know if I am officially in the program until after classes begin. Now I don't foresee this being a problem with my near 4.0 GPA this time around, it's just annoying not knowing for sure. But I guess beggars can't be choosers.

So it seems my life as a student is about to hit full swing once again, as if it wasn't already. I am praying that these next 17 months go by quickly and with as little stress as possible. I apologize in advance to all my friends and family for being a bad family member and a friend. I will try my best to stay in all of your lives but you may have to cut me a little slack for the next year and half. Then I promise I'll be back to normal! :)
Cheers to the beginning of the end! (lets pretend I drink just for this)