Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Landon is 8 months Old!

I swear, where has the time gone? Not only the last week, but the last 8 months. How is it even possible that my baby is 8 months are we 4 months away from him being ONE? It just amazes me how fast it goes the second time around. I feel like it was just yesterday that I was sitting on the couch snuggling my newborn while his brother slept.

Landon is still an amazingly good natured child. He is so beautiful inside and out. He always has a smile one his face, and I am still constantly told how good of a baby he is. My mom often likes to say that I don't know how lucky I am, but I'm quick to correct her that I do (I had Lincoln and his colic first lol). I often say that by 8 months, I thought Lincoln was a good, easy baby, but Landon isn't even on the same playing field! He's a whole different spectrum of good! When we are out places, you barely even know he's there!

I love this little kid more and more everyday, we are just so blessed! Here are the milestones

  • He is FINALLY sitting up on his own!
  • He is Rolling, EVERYWHERE
    • he doesn't stay one place for long, he will be across the room in 2 seconds flat I swear!
  • He puts EVERYTHING in his mouth.
    • I'm constantly trying to make sure my house is picked up so he doesn't put something unwanted in his mouth. 
  • Everything is something new to explore, He loves to pick up things and look at them, but mostly he explores with his mouth. 
  • He is exploring things with his pointer finger. Its hilarious to watch him because he just sticks his pointer finger out to touch everything!
  • He is getting better at the pincher grasp and being able to just pick things up with just his index finger and thumb. 
  • I love being able to watch his pass a toy or object from hand to hand. I don't know why but this milestone is so cute to me!
  • He finally, for some, started solids. We decided to do a different method of starting solids this go around, instead of making my own baby foods, and giving him puree's we are doing Baby Lead Weaning and instead we give him soft foods that he can feed himself. It's been quite successful!
    • He started out with Avocados and loved them. He has since had, pears, peaches, sweet potatoes, bananas, broccoli, green beans and his absolute favorite is Asparagus of all things!
      • I just cut the food into 1-2" "sticks" and then let him explore the food himself vs, me spoon feeding him. He doesn't always eat much, but he has fun doing it
    • He also LOVES puffs, though those can be hard to keep away from his brother...
    • He is still breast fed 5-6x a day, and loves it!
  • He is starting to become more vocal, which I just love, exploring new sounds and things like that, but he can be pretty quiet himself...I'm hoping that he will be more talkative than Lincoln, so we don't have to do speech therapy, but I suppose there are worse things.
  • He is starting to develop a bit of a temper, he arches his back and throws himself back and screams, I can't help but laugh, I find it funny. 
    • this temper usually only shows through when he's tired and hungry and I'm distracted by something else so it takes me a little while longer to get to him. 
  • He is a chunk! When I weighed him myself he's about 20+ lbs...He's got thighs for days as I like to say
    • He's still mostly in 9 month clothes. His sleepers however are getting tight, so I've brought out the 12 month sleepers and those fit him much better.
    • There isn't a huge difference in the 9 vs 12 month clothes however, so while he's mostly in 9 month, I've brought out some 12 month stuff too
  • Now that he's sitting up he loves his bath because he can just sit in the water and splash, which he really loves to do.
  • He's still an amazing sleeper (A TRUE CHAFIN). He goes down at 8 and then will wake around 6-7 and if I'm home I feed him and he goes back to sleep until 10! and then he takes a 2+ hr nap! He's AMAZING!
    • He's down to about 1 nap a day, if I worked the night before he will often need a shorter nap around 6. 
    • He is hilarious in that almost like clock work he has to sleep at 8pm. It doesn't matter if he's down for the night, or just 20 minutes, he almost ALWAYS needs to sleep at 8pm. It doesn't matter where we are, if it's 8pm he has to sleep! LOVE IT
  • He has 3, almost 4 teeth. Last month, right before he turned 7 months, he got his bottom left tooth, a few weeks later he got his bottom right. Then just a few days ago his top left popped through, though his top right isn't far behind!
  • He dose love to stand. He's wobbly but when you hold up his hands, he does a good job of standing for quite a while. I've even gotten out the learning table and he will stand there playing a for a few minutes. 
  • He giggles at almost everything! His laugh is infectious and perfect. 
    • He's just a happy, healthy little guy and it's so much fun to be around him
and for my favorite part...the photoshoot!
love this little guy

I'm going to get you!

love this smile

you can see those teeth!

his upset face

Love our baby so much!!! He's just so sweet. I can't wait to see where the next month takes us...maybe we will have a mobile baby!!!