Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Lorelai is NINE months old

Oh wow. 9 months. How is this possible. I know I say this every month, but has it been 9 months. How have we had this little miracle home for 6 months? Although it seems like just yesterday, it also has been such a long time coming. We have struggled most of all with her, battling weight gain issues, and reflux. but I'm happy to say we are on the road to a very easy happy baby.

We have really developed a good routine this month. Life doesn't feel quite so chaotic as before and I'm starting to really truly enjoy being a mom of 4. Lorelai has really blossomed into a happy, easy going baby. She loves to sleep, she is enjoying eating more and more. And she is just a joy to be around and have around. It's hard not to fall more and more in love with her by the second!
Our Indiana Girl 

this girl is truly amazing and even though I'm way late on this, I'm going to try and remember the milestones that she hit during her 8th into 9th month of life (or 5th into 6th month of development). 

  • She continues to be the best of my 3 living kids when it comes to sleep. She has to be just like her mom and dad where her favorite thing to do is sleep. The girl will sleep for 12+ hours at night and still take 2-3 naps during the day. 
    • she's usually up for about an hr in the morning and then goes down for an hr or 2, up for a few hours, takes another 2-3 hour nap in the afternoon is up and then usually has to take a 20-30 minute cat nap in the evening. I just love her sleep schedule (now lets just hope she continues to be an amazing sleeper, unlike her brother Landon...)
  • We haven't started solids yet, mainly because she shows ZERO interest in any sort of table food. I'm not one to push solids on my kids, because lets face it why...she is however taking 3.5-4 oz of fortified breastmilk every 3 hours while awake. We are still doing 27 calorie breastmilk fortified with neosure. But I'm hoping maybe we can drop down to 24 calorie...we shall see. 
  • She is getting quite strong in her core and is almost sitting up. Daddy just loves to hold her so she is forced to sit up and she really quite enjoys it. 

She just loves life. 
  • We all went to a gender reveal party of one of my friends and she was just adored and loved on by all who were there :)

Kelsey and Ellie just loved her 3 peas in a pod

passed out finally at the party
  • She is right on par with her brothers in that her hands are her new favorite toy. Truly everything goes into her mouth. Makes me cringe because I'm afraid of what she might catch doing this, but a few germs here and there will be good for her right?
  • Her Jumperoo is still her favorite and she will just play in there for about an hour while I'm able to get some things done. 
  • She is a rolling champ!! She rolls everywhere, all the time!  It's so fun to see! :)
  • We've still had some decent weather so we've enjoyed a few outings to the childrens museum. And of course she's such a great easy, go with the flow baby. 

carseat nap

life is more fun with her
  • There has really been a growing bond between Lincoln and Lorelai. It's really helping my heart to watch their bond/ relationship (if you can call it that at this age) grow. Lincoln just adores her and she truly adores him in return. The boys are still the only ones who really get her to laugh. She smiles all the time, but doesn't belly laugh, or even really laugh all that often. But she does love her brothers and she thinks they are the funniest things ever. 

holding hands
  • She still is primarily swaddled, but now that she is rolling I'm going to have to stop doing that to her. 

I hate when she sleeps like this!!!
  • She does pretty well standing with support but she also will reach for me and almost collapse into me, which I just love, I'm still her favorite :)
  • She's a big cuddler and I still hold her a lot, because how can you not??

Love my snuggle time with her

beautiful blue eyed beauty

  • We found our feet this month. She just loves to grab hold of them. It's so fun to watch. Brothers love to be on the ground with her and play with her. They really are awesome with her. 

Woah these things are so cool! :)
  • She's gotten really good at holding her head up, she is enjoying being on the ground more and more and I'm sure she will be crawling soon. She's enjoying tummy time more and more. Now that she's realized she can lift her head she's realized its not too bad, plus her reflux is getting more and more under control so it's gotten easier. 

Enjoying some TeTe love

first nap in the pac n play @ mimi's 

  • Lorelai had her first "official" cold. She was super congested and it made Adam and I nervous so we brought out the pack n play and she slept in it for a few nights. It just made us so nervous to have her so far away. Her cough just made my heart ache. (overprotective much?) funny how the NICU changes you, while it bothered me when the boys got sick, it terrified me with Her, I was so scared and I could hardly sleep, but hearing her breath helped me rest easier. 

Sick baby :(

  • Little miss celebrated her first Thanksgiving this month too. I had to work both wednesday and Thursday nights, so I slept most of the day which stunk, but my whole family agreed to celebrate on Friday after I slept for a bit (aren't they the best). It was a great day spent with all the people we love, and after all we have so much to be thankful for. 

Loving on little miss before work
that face just melts me

love her!

Love my loveeees

So thankful for her and her siblings

this outfit!
  • A dear friend of mine made this beautiful hat for her!

She also made this bow for the santa hat I already had
I know I've missed some milestones since I'm writing this so late, but oh well. She is right on par with her brothers for a 6 month old so that's always really nice to see. 

She is 13lbs 11 oz and she got her first RSV vaccine to help protect her this winter!! i'm so glad that our insurance covered her for 5 vaccines!!! this helps me rest a little easier! :)

Our 9 Month Photoshoot....

We Also did her 9 month pictures this month. We took them at Stoney Creek farm. and the poor thing was so cold! But then we went back to the house and took some more pics. I just adore them of course!

This was more like a 8 month picture that we I just had to post
because I love it so much. 

Oh my sweet darling Lorelai. How is it that every month with you gets better and better? You are the light in my day, you bring me so much joy with your smiles and giggles. I adore you and your brothers so much.