Monday, April 8, 2013

Perfect day!

Yesterday was by far the perfect day. Rarely do Adam Lincoln and I get a day just to ourselves. We usually are with family in some aspect. But this weekend was a bit different. We had no family commitment and rather than make plans with friends we decided to make a weekend of just our little family of 3.

Saturday Adam had to work so Lincoln and I just hung out while we waited for him to get off. Then the 3 of us went to church and dinner. We went to Abuelo's, it's one of Adam and my favorite Mexican places and Lincoln love dipping his chips in the salsa and queso (the kid actually likes spicy food) we then just had a relaxing 20 min movie night watching Finding Nemo (20 min was all Lincoln would last).

throwing rocks in the "river"
Sunday (yesterday) Adam got up early and went to play 9 holes of golf while Linc and I slept. When he got up Adam came home and we decided to take Lincoln to the park. Adam found one that was close to our house so we headed there...
Well lets just say it wasn't a very nice park and had one trail and a creek that was so full of algae it was gross! But we let Lincoln throw rocks in the creek and he loved it.

We decided to take our picnic lunch of fried chicken from marsh, chips and sandwiches to a park we knew was nice so we headed to cool creek park which is close to my parents house and park I went to a lot while I was in high school. They have a nice grassy area and some trails with a creek.

We ate our picnic lunch on the grass and Lincoln loved it. He has so much fun eating chips and chicken and cheese.

Lunch at Cool Creek Park
After lunch we hit the trails. Adam had Lincoln on his shoulders and we had fun time just walking the trails. They have a really nice clean creek that runs through it and we let Lincoln put his toes in the water. He just loved that. It was still a bit chilly so he didn't last long but it was still fun.

baby toes in the water...butt almost in the dirt...
After the park we went to Adams brothers house to help them with some stuff and on our way home about 5 pm Lincoln fell asleep, he'd done so well all day without a nap, but he finally succumbed. We decided to let him sleep for about an hr while I made dinner. When Adam woke him up it was the worst idea he'd ever had. Lincoln has never been so fussy! EVER!! It took him about 45 min to become our loving little one once again!

But we had a lovely dinner of grilled chicken with yummy salad with home made balsamic vinaigrette dressing.

It was the perfect end to the perfect day. So much so that Adam I decided that once a week we plan to do something like this just us. With Adam gone a lot and me wanting to sleep my life away working nights, it's important to keep focus on what's important and why we are working ourselves so hard....OUR LITTLE FAMILY :)

I hope everyone's weekend was as great as ours!! :)

Happy 18 months to our beautiful big brother to be! we love you so much and you enlighten our life in so many ways!!! :)

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  1. That does sound like a perfect day! I loved cool creek park way back when too! haha Haven't been in years. Next time we are home we might take Hudson. :)