Monday, April 15, 2013

A picture is worth a thousand...gigabytes?

If you know me at all you know how much I love to take pictures. It sort of goes along with my desire to capture EVERYTHING!!!

For my birthday/nursing school graduation 2 years ago Adam bought me a new camera! I even did a post about it here. I'm slightly obsessed with it. I take it with us everywhere and thanks to its multi shot mode I can capture some really great pictures of Lincoln as he is oh so quick to move when I am taking pictures. The downside is that for an ammeture like me there are a lot of not so great pictures. Also My husband like's to just snap away when taking pictures. One time he took nearly 150 pictures in a 20 minute period trying to get a good one.

Anyways, even before my new camera I was like this. My friends would often "make fun" of me for how I always had a camera with me. But then again they relied on me to take the pictures at parties and post to facebook so they could have copies.

All of this picture taking has lead me to an unfortunate event. I am out of room on my computer....I seriously have NO MORE ROOM to take my pictures from my camera to my computer. Also my phone is now full so I can't even take more pictures on it!

I'm not someone one who can just take a picture, post to facebook, delete it and call it a day. No I have to take the picture, post to facebook, upload to my computer, and back it up to my hardrive and then pick my favorites to print and put into albums. This being said I don't delete any of my pictures... which has lead me to my predicament.

I want to have my pictures stored one more place before I start deleting them from my computer. I have started to upload them to shutterfly which I like because I can also upload my pictures from my phone directly to there. But I've been told I can't get them off of there once I do. So I'm at  loss of what to do next...

I have been documenting this pregnancy with my blog posts as well as my weekly pictures, but have been taking the pictures with my camera, so therefore I haven't published my posts yet because I can't add my picture to them...

Anyone else ever run into this problem and have a way I can fix it? Any suggestions are appreciated!!

thanks stephanie

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