Monday, April 22, 2013

18 Months a quick update...

Our little booger is 18 months old (a couple weeks ago). I can hardly believe it. Seriously where did the time go? It's amazing to me how much he has grown! He is such a big boy literally!!!!

At his 18 month appointment he was:
35 inches!
95% for height
28 lbs
75 % for weight for his age, but only 50% for all children who are 35 inches regardless of age.


at 18 months Lincoln is full of personality and just a ball of fun!

He still sleep 10-14 hours a night and takes a 2-3 hour nap daily.
We've recently started not making papa come on the days I go to work because he takes such good naps! :)
He loves food, all food, any food, all the time. The only things he doesn't like too much are red grapes and pastas/grains...I think thats a texture thing
I truly love my days with him and feel so blessed that he is my baby!

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