Monday, August 22, 2011

Turning 26

I've become one of those people I swore I'd never be...someone who DREADS their birthday for fear of growing older. I guess I just feel that with each passing year I haven't accomplished enough by comparison to those around me and it's depressing. It started at 24 and has continued through this year of turning 26.

However this year was a little different. I accomplished A LOT being 25. I GRADUATED nursing school, got pregnant, did small decorations around my house and almost completed a baby's room! But it still feels like I'm behind the curve on things which I think is why I struggle so much each year with turning one year older. I always imagined I'd have 2 kids, a good job (or be a stay at home mom) and be blissfully happy. Well that hasn't happened yet... but I think I'm well on my way.

Anyways, today was a great day. Honestly all I wanted was to spend the day with Adam. Which I got to do. We were able to go to church together for the first time in MONTHS. I try to go every week, but Adam usually has to work, and the past 2 weeks he has had to be at work at like 6 am and then work til dark, which makes church impossible. And I've been working at the hospital and am honestly so beat by the end of the day that I just come home and crash even though a mass is offered at the hospital at 7:45.

After church we came home and took a nap, then went to lunch at MacAlisters!!! I am in love with their sweet tea! I know it has caffeine in it but I don't eat anything else with caffeine so I let myself indulge! Then we came home and cleaned the house (this was not my idea, but so long as Adam was willing to help I wasn't going to turn him down).

After getting the house somewhat cleaned we had an appointment with a friend of mine from High School for our first round of Maternity pictures. We went to Ben and Arie's an arcade by our house, and to this custard stand to take pictures!!! I'm excited to see how they turn out!!

After pictures, Adam came home and cooked me dinner. We had steaks, and corn on the cob and Ethan, roomate Nikki's boyfriend is back in town from Alaska and made some really yummy Salmon. Mom and Dad came over and brought me some of Grandma Hansen's chocolate cake and of course my yearly DQ cake!!! YUMMMMMMMM

While we were waiting on the food to cook we decided to take the drano test to find out if the baby is boy or girl.  We looked it up online and you need Crystalized drano (which was provided to me by a friend) and my urine. If after 10 seconds the drano turned brown its a boy, if it didn't...its a girl...
the directions

going to give my part

getting ready 


No change = GIRL???
All in all I've had a great birthday!! And Adam truly spoiled me this year! I've had the same stupid point and shoot camera for 6 years and was in major need of new camera with a baby on the way. So he saved and got me an awesome new DSLR camera. I did a lot of research and with some recommendations from friends I settled on the Cannon Rebel T3, and I LOVE IT! it takes wonderful pictures and HD video! Adam and I have become obsessed with taking pictures! We've taken so many pictures of the dogs and random things around the house. We've truly had fun learning how to use this camera!!! Also the best part is that my Cannon Rebel I had in High School was a film camera that I had several lenses for and they all fit this new camera!


The camera was a BIG purchase but with the baby on the way it was an investment that we will get to use for years to come. Mom and Dad bought me the memory card, and mom also treated me to a pedicure! LOVE IT!!

Sister got me a prenatal massage that I intend to use this week!

I was definitely spoiled by my family this year and I feel so blessed to have all of them in my life. Even though the one thing I wanted to do for my birthday...go out on our boat for the afternoon and swim didn't happen because both my dad and Adam ended up working Saturday, and they are the only ones who can back the boat in the was a great weekend spent with those I love the most!
But I just have to say the best part of the whole weekend was getting to spend so much time with Adam. I really have missed spending time and seeing him. I can't wait for December when I go back to work full time (after baby) and he only has to work ONE job instead of two!

I am such a blessed girl to have a wonderful husband who loves me so much, a baby on the way and great family and friends who always make me feel so special. When I think about all that I have, there is no reason I should feel so bad about turing another year older!!! Here is to a great year of being 26 and somewhat looking forward to what the next years have in store for me!! :)

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