Monday, August 8, 2011

Worse Case of Senioritis!

Ok so I have a whole 8 days until I take my final and 10 until "graduation" and I swear I could give a rats butt about studying anymore. I'm so over school and constantly studying and missing out on fun things that I could vomit.

I have an exam today at 1 and it is now 8:34 and I have YET to study for it. I mean I've read 3 of the 4 chapters but that was LAST week...I have to listen to the lectures and I really just don't care. I have a solid grade in the class for once and I really should try to get an A but I just don't want to. Lucky for me this class is Leadership and management. My last degree was partly management which is why I think it's so easy. I've barely studied and done well! The concepts are the same only with a medical vs. construction focus.

I just want to be done!  I have checked out mentally and just want to catch up on some sleep and relax! I have so much to do before baby L gets here and want to get started on that!!!!

I sure hope I can keep my focus for the next week! The end never looked clearer!!!

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