Monday, August 15, 2011


This week marks a really big week in my life! GRADUATION from NURSING SCHOOL!

I have been waiting such a long time for this. It has been hard, exhausting, frustrating and about every other emotion you could ever come up with.  I plan to write a reflection on my time in nursing school, just so that I will have reference one day to all of the things I went through. It truly has been a challenging ride, but hopefully once I pass NCLEX it will all seem like a distant memory that was worth it all.

Before we get to graduation I have to get through my last final tomorrow. I have to admit I haven't studied as much as I should, but I have a solid grade in the class and I don't believe it will be too bad since it's not cumulative. So hopefully all will go well tomorrow.

On top of all of this Adam and I will be going to Kid Rock and Sheryl Crow on Saturday and then my 26th Birthday is Sunday!!!

This is such an exciting week, I had a doctor appointment today and all looks well. Baby's heart rate was in the 140's and seems to be doing well. Growing on track that is consistent with my fibroid. So good news. Also I got all my questions answered by the doctor which is great! Well except for one. I'm not sure how much I should be lifting and stuff...people at work keep asking me that, but I've never been put on any restrictions so I don't know. Hopefully it's not something I really need to worry about.

All in all I have to say this is going to be one of the best weeks I've had in a LOOOOONGG time. The end of school is so exciting. The only sad part of it is that I've actually made some really good friends that I won't have in my life on a daily basis and I know there will be people I probably never see again which is sad. I am not good with goodbyes so it will be sad to see all of them for the last time, but it's been real and I know that we are all connected by this crazy experience for the rest of our lives!

I'm excited for what the next couple of weeks have in store for me. There is a growing list of to do's for the arrival of this baby...and I really need to focus on that!!! Cheers to a great week!

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  1. Congrats!!! So glad the end is near for you! :)