Thursday, August 11, 2011

31 weeks

Week of August 9th

How Far Along? 31 weeks
31 weeks. I felt as tired as I looked!
Due Date:  October 11th

Total weight gain/loss: 31 as of monday and it was the end of the day!! :)

Maternity Clothes? yup and I got a few more...

Stretch Marks? Yup and I hate them more than anything. And I swear I get more each week. It's uber depressing, i feel soooo ugly!

Sleep?  Not a chance. My back is killing me because I have to sleep on my side and I hate it! I have tried the sleeping on pillows thing but that doesn't work. The days that I work are the worst because my restless leg acts up and I can't get comfortable because my legs are throbbing which sucks, but its all in the name of love!

Best Moment of this Week?  I would have to say being called tiny several times has been really nice. I've always been a bigger girl, and have never been called tiny in my life. And since early on people were calling me HUGE and chunky, it was really hurtful, but now to be called tiny is nice. My mom always told me that she got big fast and then evened out, which is what I was hoping and it seems like she was right! :)

Also my aunt finished the comforter for the baby. In choosing classic winnie the pooh as our theme, I never realized how hard it would be to pick bedding off of she took it upon herself to make us some bedding and I LOVE IT! It is everything I could want and more! I wanted something that was quilty but still had the winnie the pooh feel and she delivered! now she is just making the bed skirt, bumper, curtains and a little blanket for baby! I'm so lucky to have her!!

Movement? been moving a lot this week, I can't wait to be done with school and be able to enjoy the movements more!!! 

Food cravings? none really this week. 

Food aversions? nope

Gender? I'm still keeping you guessing, today I'm indifferent on the sex. I don't know more and more people are saying its a boy though...

Labor Signs?  Contractions still happening daily at more frequent intervals but nothing regular. They are getting bad at work. but its all part of the job I guess. Also my feet have been swelling like crazy, even support hose aren't really helping anymore!!! UGGG my feet are like tree trunks! 

Belly Button In or Out? Still in and I really don't think it's going to pop out, but the stretch marks continue to grow around it daily!!!

What I miss? my feet not being the size of tree trunks!

What I am looking forward to: taking my final next tues!!! my final final of nursing school!!! AHHHH I CAN'T WAIT!

Size of the Baby:

Baby's now the size of a squash!
Baby's going through major brain and nerve development these days. His irises now react to light, and all five senses are in working order. (He won't pick up anything from his nose until after birth, though -- smell is transferred through air, not amniotic fluid.)

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