Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Jenny, you CRAZY!

Yesterday Oprah had Jenny McCarthy on. I'm not a huge Oprah fan because often times she is on this whole other level that I just don't quite get, and others times I just like the news stories she presents.
Well yesterday was a WTF moment for me. Jenny McCarthy was on to talk about her break up with Jim Carey. For me her ideals of what goes on in a relationship is F*ed up and no wonder she is almost 40 and not married or in a committed relationship and no wonder it didn't work out. 

Oprah asked her "when did you know it was over?" her response, when it wasn't fun anymore...News flash my dear, life isn't always fun! In fact many times it freaking sucks and I want to throw in the towel too, but my love for my husband means more to me than anything and you have to work through the difficult times. Then she goes on to say that you can "honor the lessons learned and the timing of knowing that a relationship is over instead of staying in a relationship that doesn't work for 30+ years like a lot our parents did". I just think that was a bogus statement and I'll leave it as that. 
Another things Oprah asked was "Did you think you were going to go the distance with him" her response was, that she may have on a subconscious level known that they wouldn't work because she never sold her house when they moved in together. Once I again I want to hit her and say, HOW DO YOU EXPECT IT TO BE FOREVER IF YOU DON'T GIVE ALL OF YOURSELF TO SOMEONE??? I mean seriously, if you have the ability to easily walk away then you probably won't work hard to make it work. I don't know what the exact statistic is but they say that those couples who live together before an engagement often times don't work out because although you make act like you're in a committed relationship, they still feel like they can leave. I also know that there is an absurd statistic that says those couples who live together before marriage have a higher divorce rate and it was correlated with the fact that they never quite get past that whole feeling as though they could leave at any moment. In fact I was talking to a co-worker about this issue the other day, when I asked after she had been married, if it felt any different from before since they had lived together. She said the only difference was that they both kind of brought up issues they had more since they both knew that this was forever. I thought this was great insight because that's what couples need to go the distance!
But then Oprah goes on to say that it was great advice to keep your stuff, your bank accounts, and make your own money...this just further reiterates my point... NO WONDER THEY ARE STILL SINGLE!
Now I have to say, there is NOTHING wrong with being single. 

Next she asks "did you think this was the love of your life?" her response was that she learned that she doesn't have to have a lover to have love in her life...which I agree with, but then she says she thinks she is the love of her life...WTF...another example of just being on a totally different playing field than me because that sounds bogus as well!

And Lastly Jenny says that the line that Tom Cruise had said in some movie "you complete me" was a complete fallacy. I once again don't agree. Adam completes me in many ways. I'm not perfect and I have a lot of growing to do, which he helps me to achieve. He is my rock and my companion and my life partner and together we are completed because we compliment each other very well, we both help each other grow and become better people. I just don't feel like you can rely on yourself for everything. At some point you have to lean on someone else, not necessarily completely but at the very least a little!

One thing that I did like, was that in her grieving she was all about learning the lessons from her relationship. I think that is a very good point because in every experience you have you learn something, especially when it comes to relationships. I may not have this long list of ex's ::thankgoodness: but I learned a lot about what I wanted and who I wanted to be myself. 

But anyways more power to miss Jenny McCarthy, for becoming a stronger individual after her breakup, of which she seemed to have done in a very healthy way but your views on this stuff are crazy and I don't agree with you on this one my dear!

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