Friday, September 3, 2010


This week for Clinical I got to shadow a nurse in the NICU for half the day. What an amazing experience! Before officially deciding to go back to school for nursing I wanted to be a NICU nurse. I remember my mom saying it would be really hard to watch a baby die. However I took it as the ability to save a baby's life who wasn't quite equipped with everything to sustain life.

The babies were so tiny!!! I just wanted to snuggle them!!! They were sooo freaking cute.
I did find that the hardest part would be dealing with families however. There was one baby who had a really rough start to his life and due to all the tests and equipment he had been hooked up to had developed an oral aversion and wouldn't take a bottle. However Grandma refused to accept this and was basically shoving food into his mouth and pretty much telling the doctors and nurses that "she knew best". It was so frustrating because I wanted to scream, "I'm sorry but are you a doctor? Do you know how to read his test results? Do you deal with this type of problem in multiple babies on a daily basis?" Because of course the answer would be NO! I think at a point parents and grandparents need to trust those who are trying to help because in this instance this grandma was probably doing more harm than good to this poor little angel. The baby will get to the point of being able to take a bottle eventually but forcing it down them until they are ready is not going to help. You have to let premies grow and develop on their time table, NOT YOURS.
But other than that it was a really amazing experience. It was hard to see some parents having to make arrangements for their babies to go to hospice and hard to see babies hooked up to machines but either way, you knew that nurses and doctors were doing all they could to help the babies and parents. I loved it and can honestly say that it is still something I'm quite interested in, Just have to get through the rest of this nursing school thing. Although I must say I could just do my maternity clinical for the rest of school and be quite happy!!!!!

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