Thursday, September 16, 2010

Post Partum

So yesterday was my second experience in Post Partum. I have to say that I enjoyed it much more yesterday than the time before. I don't know whether it was the patient or what but I enjoyed it much more. I had a patient who was hilarious, nice and very welcoming. My patient before was sort of stand offish which made it hard to learn. But I got more comfortable doing my mom and baby assessments. The mom had named her baby girl one of my favorite names, in fact I debated about naming Kacie it. But for HIPPA reasons I will not share.
Oh and the best part of the day was that mom had an almost 2 yr old son who was the cutest thing! He didn't know a stranger and was adorable! I just wanted to steal him away.
Since I was able to do my mom and baby assessments early I was in the nursery while our instructor was helping other students with their baby assessments and there was a baby just laying in his crib so I asked if I could just hold him, and they let me!!! I affectionately named him "baby zachary" I have no idea what his name was, it wasn't in the computer or on his crib, all they had was baby boy with the last name so I thought he looked like a zachary so I named him that haha! He was precious and it made my uterus hurt. I want a baby so bad I could scream!!!
But while I was enjoying holding my "baby zachary", the only guy in my clinical class was doing an assessment on another baby, and this baby had a dirty diaper so my classmate began to change the wet and dirty diaper. Well baby decided he would continue to poop and pee EVERYWHERE! The child almost needed a bath! Poor guy!(my classmate that is) but he handled it like a champ! His future wife will be so happy he can do that without gagging I'm sure! haha
Well now it's time to study for this stinking exam on friday. I could cry I'm so stressed out but I'm officially about 11 months from being done! WHOO HOO!!!  toodles!

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