Thursday, September 16, 2010

Finally a Vaginal Birth!

So today was by far my favorite day of nursing school! I got to FINALLY see a vaginal delivery! But before I get to that I'll give some background on my day.
So for part of this one class I'm taking we were to go downtown and sit in on the Indiana State Board of Nursing. While this was a LOOOONG process and quite tedious at times, it was interesting to see how schools become accredited and how people can gain or loose their licenses.
After the INSB we had to meet at our campus site for a simulation on preeclampsia and post partum hemorrhage. These were designed to get us more comfortable in dealing with these not so fun parts of L&D. After our simulation, which went well by the way, we headed over to the hospital for another fun day in L&D.
I was put with the same nurse from last week, who was amazing! In fact her husband and I used to work for the same company (back in my construction days). But neither of us still work there. But she was awesome and I honestly think she should be an instructor because she was so nice and so informative it was great having her as my mentor. She helped me give my 1st and 2nd IV push drugs, along with my first in and out catheterization. I have witnessed both of these and practiced in the lab, but this was my first time actually doing either of these.
Our patient was amazing. She was so nice, her family was awesome, and they really made me comfortable in the room. We have to fill out all this BS paper work and some of it is kind of personal questions that I wouldn't want to talk about with anyone, but they made me feel comfortable with it, so it was awesome. But this was the lady's 9th pregnancy and would be her 6th baby. My instructor put me with her because she figured she would deliver quickly. Mrs. Mommy(I will refer to her as this for HIPPA reasons) came in already dilated to 7 cm so we thought it'd be a sure thing, since I still hadn't seen a vag birth. The ruptured her membranes(broke her water) and still 4.5 hrs later had made no progress. I was getting really upset about this because in the mean time 2 of my classmates were able to see vaginal births. I could almost not look at my classmates because I was on the verge of tears. And Mrs. Mommy was so sweet she was trying so hard and she was bound and determined to let me see my first vaginal delivery.
About 6:30 my instructor asked us if we wanted dinner, and I refused. I said "I'm staying put and I will stay after clinical if I have to because I am seeing this baby born!"
At around 7 I was ready and so was Mrs. Mommy to have this baby born. I was willing to pull out al the stops, or at least the ones I could. So I brought in our male classmate because he somehow seems to have the "magic touch" of just being in a room and the lady will dilate and begin pushing. And wouldn't your know it, within 2 minutes of him being in the room Mrs. Mommy started saying it was hurting really badly and wanted us to go get the nurse. After I got the nurse she was getting Mrs. Mommy comfortable and while she was comfortable we were all trying to guess when baby would be born. Mrs. Mommy's oldest daughter had guessed 7:25. Mind you at this point it was 7:05.
So Mrs. Mommy was getting really uncomfortable and was wanting to push, we had to tell her to slow down because we needed the doctor and NICU to be present (baby was a little premature). Once everyone got there Mrs. Mommy pushed for all of about 2 maybe 5 minutes tops and precious baby boy was born @ who would have guessed it...7:25! Way to go older sister!
Watching a baby being born naturally(ok with an epidural) is truly amazing! To begin to see the head come out and then the rest of the body is something I will never forget. Birth truly is one of God's miracles and I can't wait to experience it myself.
So mom and baby are doing great. Baby is one lucky little one to be a part of such a loving and wonderful family. They were so cute they even wanted a picture of me and the baby since they knew it was my first!!! Today is one for the history books for this full time student! I will never forget it!  Thanks for an amazing day! Now it's off to pull an all nighter for my exam tomorrow...Hopefully it goes well!

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