Friday, October 8, 2010

Sadie Bug is!

My precious Sadie bug turned 2 yesterday. WOWO! I can't believe my little fluffernuffer is 2. Sadie truly helps make my life more interesting.
Sadie entered our lives officially 2 years ago, but the idea of her began about 3.5 years ago. When Adam and I first met, all he wanted was a German Shepherd. I was never really a fan of that breed of dog. I mean I never found them cute and cuddly and all. I thought they were ugly and not much fun.
Adam and I went to see I Am Legend a couple years ago, and there was a German Shepherd in that movie that was so cool. That was the first time I began to come around to the idea of having a German Shepherd. So Adam and I decided that once we got married we would get his German Shepherd. We decided to wait until we would buy a house so the dog would be able to have a hard and more room to run around and play. We also decided that since I wasn't much of a fan of the German Shepherds we could get an all black one and I'd be ok with that.
In talking with some family friends, I found this guy who was a German Shepherd breeder. So one day in July I finally made my way over to this guys business (he owns a dog training place in Fishers) and put my down payment on a dog. I told them I would like to have an all black female. They told me they only had one Mom pregnant at the moment and they wouldn't produce an all black puppy. It would be at least a year until they got any all black puppies. So I called Adam and he said he didn't care and he just wanted the dog. So I reluctantly put my $250 deposit down for the dog I didn't really want.
At the end of September we got a call saying it would be soon when the puppies would arrive and they would call us to come meet them. On October 7, 2008 Sadie was born. We were told it would be a few weeks till we could pick her out but we should come as often as possible to get to know the puppies.
We eventually were able to pick out Sadie, it was a tough decision since we were 2nd to last to pick a girl, but we did it, and we patiently waited to bring her home.
On December 5, 2008 we finally got to bring the newest member of our family home.

 She joined big sister Kacie and the two quickly become BFF!

Now Sadie was quite different from her sister. Sadie had a bad bout of diarrhea for the first 2 months of her life. Everyday when Adam and I got home Sadie was COVERED in poop! She got a bath DAILY. It was aweful. I was taking her to the vet almost every other day and at $200 each time, things started to add up. I was getting really annoyed. I was actually almost ready to get rid of her! Finally one day in January, we went out for my cousins birthday and it was 3 AM when we got home and Sadie had the worst blow out ever. She was covered in poop, it was all over my walls, all over my floor and and on the carpet (how so much poop came out of a tiny thing I'll never know).  But I decided I would bathe her and it was at that moment I fell in love. She looked at me, soaking wet, and just melted my heart, it was as though she said "mommy I'm sorry, please don't hate me".

Well as it turns out, Sadie developed IBS. (yes Irritable Bowel Syndrome in a DOG!!!) So we put her on a special food and from that day forward she was cured. She had no more issues, unless she got a hold of something she shouldn't (i mean if she ate certain treats, or got a hold of a towel, or whatever it would open the flood gates ::frustrating::)
But in time we figured it out and this year we were finally able to put her and Kacie on the same food (talk about a reduction in our food costs!!!).
So 2 years later and I'm completely in love with my Sadie bug. I often call her my toddler. She is stubborn as you'll ever see. I still sometimes have to walk outside to tell her to pee because she is just that stubborn. But she is fun and brings a smile to my face daily. I love when she tries to crawl up my chest so she can nuzzle my neck and just be close to me. She shows affection only on her terms and often acts like a teenager in front of her friends. But I have fun torturing her and playing with her.
She's an amazing dog, and I'm glad Adam "forced" me to get her. She has been a great addition to our little family. and Kacie and Sadie are completely inseparable. When one is gone doing something, the other is completely distraught over the fact that the other is missing. But I love her to pieces and she truly is an amazing dog!
Sadie Bug I LOVE you and Happy 2nd Birthday!

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