Friday, September 3, 2010

The Shark

Ok so earlier this week my mom came over to take the dogs for a walk. Adam was working and had taken my car and his was out of gas and I didn't feel like going to gas station just to drive to mom's house. So she came over here and we took ALL 4 dogs on a walk. What an adventure! Of course we had to leave my Luke behind because he can hardly get to the stop sign before dragging far behind, you'd never know it by who he acts around the house but it's just too hard to take him for a walk so Mom had her Luke, and Bonnaroo and I had Kacie and Sadie. We went about 3.7 miles! :) Yay!
After the walk mom wanted me to help her with her new steam washer thingy. She had bought the bissell Steam window washer thing. It was awesome and really made cleaning windows easy. I borrowed it and cleaned all my windows on the main floor in about 2 hours and there were no streaks! However it apparently broke so she decided to spend a little more money and buy the Shark steam cleaner. I have to say it was way worth spending more money on. Not only was there more steam but you could do so much more with it! I had been wanting to do the 4 doors of our bedroom(we have a balcony off our bedroom) for a while but just couldn't bring myself to bringing out the windex and rags because lets face it thats just a pain. I would bet any amount of money that my windows had never been cleaned before and it would be nearly impossible to clean and not have streaks. So luckily my mom is technology handicapped and she came over so I would help her figure out how to use it. Between the two of us we were able to clean my 4 doors inside and out in about 30 minutes (mind you these are the type of doors with the grids on the outside that don't come off without unscrewing and removing them). SO I give this product 4 stars and highly recommend it to anyone! On top of being a window washer it can also be used as a clothing steamer, and a duster! I want one! Good thing Christmas is around the corner!

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