Monday, September 27, 2010

Bye Bye Gary

I'm a car girl at heart. I love cars and even more so trucks! I'm no car expert or anything but they are so cool, every year my dad and I go to the car show down at the convention center and I honestly enjoy myself. Looking at all the new models, and how they've changed different features from year to year. I just get such a kick out of it. It's a fun hobby to try learn about the different cars.
For me in my immature state of being 20 years old the kind of car a guy drove played a big part in his appeal to me(immature and stupid right?). And if they drove a Ford, I was completely turned off and I paid no attention. (I hate Ford vehicles! I'm a Chevy girl and you can't like both!) So in looking for Mr. Right, they totally would gain points if they drove a cool car, especially a truck.  When Adam and I first met, he drove a company vehicle and I didn't know what kind of vehicle was his personal vehicle. But on his last day he drove his truck(it was a GMC ::jackpot!::). I was immediately in love. Plus Adam just looked so darn Hot driving it :)

The reason I'm "saying" all of this is because last thursday we had to get rid of his beloved truck. Adam had purchased this truck back in 2000, it was his first big purchase and was a great second truck for him. All that ever went wrong with it, was 2 alternators and a fuel pump(that was extremely expensive right before the wedding!) So all and all it was an Awesome truck! I affectionately named the truck Gary a few years back because I felt Gary was a good strong name, solid, just like his truck.
Shortly after getting married Adam was wanting a new truck. He wanted a diesel, I said I was cool with it so long as it wasn't a Ford! lol. We decided to use our first time homebuyers credit towards a new truck. However shortly after we got married I decided to go back to school and our income was severely cut almost in half and we realized we couldn't afford a car payment. So it was just an exasperating search for Adam that he did almost every night, but he couldn't find one for under $17,000 and we just couldn't afford that. But Gary was increasingly becoming more of a challenge to drive and I honestly didn't feel safe driving it, I felt like it was going to fall apart every time I stepped on the gas. But I still enjoyed it, (other than in the 90+ degree heat because the AC was broke!!)
Two weeks ago one of Adam's good friends let him know that his company was selling a 1998 Dodge Diesel Dually and if we "traded" our truck in, it was within our price range! So we drove down to Vincennes 2 weekends ago to look at the truck and let Will look at our truck and lets face it, I immediately fell in love! It was a beauty! The only problem was there was a small leak somewhere, so we told Will if he fixed the leak he had a deal, he agreed and I began to stress.
I knew that getting rid of Adam's truck was a must because on our way from Vincennes that weekend,  Gary hit the coveted 170,000 mile mark...

and I just knew that with all the work we would have to put into Gary in order for me to feel comfortable Adam driving one more winter with him, it was just not feasible (He needed new Wheel bearings, shocks, a new windshield, new side mirrors, new AC, and the 4 wheel drive was broke...all in all it would be about 3-4 thousand ::gulp::). And not to mention the transmission would probably go out any day with 170,000 miles. So I knew it was important and much needed for Adam to get a new truck and how could we pass up such a deal, from someone we knew and trusted???

So apparently LONG story short, last Thursday Will came up to Indy and Adam and Will traded vehicles. This was a very emotional day for me. I cried a few times (pathetic I know). but for me Gary represented Adam and I. We fell in love in that truck. He picked me up on our first dates in that truck, our first kiss was in that truck and it represented an easier and fun time. Every time I got into Gary it brought back all those first fun moments and the butterflies when Adam first held my hand, and first kissed me goodnight or goodbye after an amazing weekend together. So needless to say my annoying sentimental part of me was really sad to let Gary go. I still to this day don't love the fact that we had to get rid of him.  Gary I miss you very much!

So we added a new really awesome truck to our's loud, and it's HUGE but I love it! It so much fun to drive and keeping it in the lines on the road is a challenge but I now feel comfortable with Adam driving to and from work knowing he will make it home safe. Plus we can actually haul things again and help people move, and we no longer have to depend on my dad's truck for some things. Moving up in the world

So here is the new to come. Bye Bye Gary I miss you

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