Tuesday, March 8, 2011

I Love Savannah!

This past weekend Adam and I had the wonderful opportunity to go to Savannah Georgia. My spring break began last friday and with this meant we were able to take a trip somewhere.  The conversation about going somewhere for my spring break began a few months ago. Adam turns 30 the day after St. Patty's day and it eats at me that we aren't able to do anything big for him. I feel that turning 30 is such a big milestone and we should be able to do something huge for him. However budget constraints and me being in school doesn't allow for this to happen.

So a few months ago I told Adam that we would go somewhere to celebrate just us two. We've only really gone on our honeymoon nearly 3 years ago and since we couldn't go all out I thought a nice trip would be good. So we had decided on Gatlinburg TN for our getaway. We thought we'd go to Nashville for the weekend to visit my friend who lived there then go on to Gatlinburg. Well as it turns out my friend had a wedding to go to in Atlanta so it didn't quite work out. Then we began to talk more and discovered we really didn't have the money to be spending on a trip so we nixed it all together.

About a month ago, my mom asked if we were still planning on going to TN and we told her no and the reasons why. Then she said that they would loose their points on their timeshare if they didn't use them by April 1st and asked us if we would be interested in going somewhere. They got a timeshare in Cabo San Lucas Mexico about 8 years ago and they loose their week if they don't use it within that calendar year and with the construction industry still slow and mom loosing her job they hadn't gone anywhere in over a year.

Adam and I talked it over and we said if they were willing to allow us to use their timeshare then we definitely would like to go somewhere. We told mom this and she said that she could even use her frequent flier miles and fly us somewhere so that all Adam and I would be responsible for was our spending money. We were thrilled and I told Adam to pick since this would be his 30th birthday getaway and he chose Savannah Georgia. His parents have been going there for years and always talked so highly of it that we both were wanting to go there.

So last Wednesday (yes 2 days before we left) mom booked the flight and hotel. We left late friday due to my finals and midterms and came back LATE sunday so Adam could go to work. We decided to only make it a weekend trip since Adam was finally getting work and due to his boss forcing them to use their vacation in early January he no longer had any vacation time.

All I can say about Savannah is that I LOVE IT! It is one of the coolest and prettiest cities I have ever had the privledge of going to! Just simply awesome.

Saturday we woke up fairly early and Adam began to look at a place to eat breakfast. We had planned on just walking everywhere since in the book we had on Savannah they said it was a great walking city. All we got a taxi for was the ride to and from the Airport. So he chose this cute quaint place called Clary's. It was about a mile or so walk from our hotel.
Adam out front of Clary's

Adam's Country Fried Steak
My Eggs Benedict :)

After Breakfast we decided to just walk around and try and explore the city. We walked for about a couple of hours and went to CVS to get me some shampoo. I didn't pack any because I didn't want to check our bag and you can only have 3 oz of liquid. So I got some shampoo and some mouse to do my hair. (I feel so high maintenance but I promise I'm not). Then we scheduled a civil war tour of the city. Adam is huge Civil War History buff and loves to read and learn everything he can about it. But while we waited for our tour we walked around the city and ate lunch and even explored their river walk. 

Us at the City Market

Me at the fountain at the City Market

Paula Deen's Lady and Son's Restaurant. I wanted to eat there so Bad!!!

Pirate House, where we ate lunch

The 1996 Olympic Torch was lit in Savannah, this statue commemorates that

The beginning of the River walk!

Leopold's Ice Cream. AMAZING!

So after our own little exploration of the city. We had our Civil War/History of Savannah Walking tour. Let me just say that this city is full of so much history. It truly is an amazing city! We learned so much about Savannah through our tour. I highly recommend it! I have a bunch of pictures from the tour but I think this post is getting rather lengthy! So anyways. Saturday night we couldn't find a place to eat and ended up walking from one end of the city to the other only to find that the restaurant we wanted to eat at was closed so we walked all the way back to the other end and settled on this decent restaurant. I wouldn't really recommend it. It was ok food but the atmosphere was good.

So after our awesome day on Saturday and about seriously not joking 15 miles we walked I was quite tired and my muscles hurt. So adam and I decided to just take it easy. Since we only had about 8 hours before we had to head to the airport, we packed up our stuff, checked out, and left our stuff at the hotel while we went and explored more of the city. We first went to Huey's for breakfast, it was down on the river. It was better than Clary's if that is possible. They had these New Orleans style doughnuts that were to die for. I'm not a real doughnut lover but these were AWESOME.
We then just walked some more down the river walk and bought some souveniers and then headed to Forsyth Park. It's the famous park that probably many people associate with Savannah. It has this AMAZING fountain.
Simply Beautiful
Us in front of the Fountain
Chippewa Square. The Opening scene of Forrest Gump was shot here.
So we took our time as we re-explored some of the places we only glanced at the day before. We had an amazing time together and I can honestly say that we haven't spent that much time together in YEARS! It was so nice to be together and have fun and not worry about work or school. We just sat back and relaxed and enjoyed each other and having this awesome luxury.

I just wanted to share a little part of our awesome weekend. Adam and I feel so blessed to have taken this trip and are extremely thankful to my parents for giving us the opportunity. I Love my husband so much and these past 2 years have been the hardest of my life having to spend so much time apart from his constantly working, to him being out of town and my never ending school work. I'm just so blessed to have been able to spend time with him and reconnect as a married couple. We needed this on so many levels and we've already decided that we will have to go back again next year only for longer!!! 
We loved Savannah and highly recommend it to anyone who is considering going!

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  1. dennis and i have that same picture of us in front of the fountain when we went there the first time!! I love that city!! Too bad you didn't get to eat at Lady and Sons, its awesome! There is a place down by the river that has the best wings I've ever had! I can't remember the name of it now. I am so jealous that you got to go. The girls and I took a summer vacay to Tybee Island and stayed on the beach one year. It's awesome too! I want to take the boys back one year during the summer. Glad you guys had fun!!