Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Baby Chafin!

As I stated in my last post. Adam and I are expecting our first child! We are absolutely thrilled beyond belief about this. For those of you that don't know. It has been my dream to have children since I can remember. In fact on of my good friends once told me she was so surprised by me in high school because when we talked about what we wanted to do when we "grew up" I always said Mom. Now this was freshmen year in high school! I was 15!!

So needless to say I feel so blessed to FINALLY be pregnant and carrying this wonderful blessing. The reason I say Finally is because after Adam and I got married we said we'd wait a year before trying since we had never lived in the same city and we thought we'd enjoy being married for a little before starting our family. Well in that time I started my job and HATED it, the economy started to really slow for construction and since both Adam and I were in construction industry we began to talk about one of us going back to school for something different. I had speculated going into my senior year at Purdue that I wouldn't enjoy working such long hours that construction requires and had thought about going back to school. Well when I got laid off the decision was made for me. In deciding to do this, it meant Adam and I had to put our dreams on hold of having a baby. It honestly devastated me and I was in a pretty dark and resentful place for a while, not at Adam, just in general. I worked through all of that and worked my butt of to get into nursing school and haven't stopped since!

When I started last may Adam and I talked about when we should start trying. I originally said the following may, that way I would be 3 months or so when I got done and all that. however as school went on my feelings changed. All I wanted was a baby and as long as I was done with school thats all that mattered. Every time we discussed it the time frame just kept moving up. Finally we said that since it could take a few months we'd stop preventing in January and really start trying come April or May.

Well wouldn't you know that the first time we didn't prevent we created a baby. As some know Adam and I do Natural Family Planning. It had been a miracle to our marriage and to our commitment to our faith. I simply can't imagine ever not using it and for those who are skeptical of it. Adam and I used it faithfully for 2 years without getting pregnant! But anyways one of the many benefits of NFP is that I know my cycle inside and out! I don't' have a typical 28 day cycle mine is more like 30-32 days. Which meant the day that I ovulate was different.

Well I was about 10-12 days late and I really didn't think much of it. I was under a lot of stress with school, Adam was having surgery and it wasn't uncommon when under such stress for my cycle to be a little off. Well on Feb 8th I had the opportunity to have an observation day at the Burn Unit at Wishard Hospital. I went and saw a good friend of mine after and her new baby. Adam was fully aware that I was a little late. But on my way home I called him and said I think we should take a pregnancy test. He then asked "do you think you are?" I said "well I'm not positive but I'm beginning to think yes". So I stopped off at Meijer to get one on my way home.

Adam was home because for some reason that escapes me now he wasn't working. He was waiting for me as I walked in the door and followed me up to our room. He then said "well are you going to take it now?!?!?!?!" I said I guess, read the directions, and then did the test. I brought it back to my nightstand to wait. We had to wait 3 minutes but honestly we looked after 30 seconds and there were those beautiful 9 letters: PREGNANT

I immediately started to cry. Adam asked what was wrong and I said "nothing I'm just happy." in my mind i always thought that I wouldn't be able to get pregnant. I thought for sure I was going to be the one who needed fertility and all that, so I was honestly SURPRISED when I saw those 9 letters.  I went to go take a shower and Adam sat in the bathroom with me. I told him I thought I should take another. What if it was wrong...So he go the other one in the package. I stepped out of the shower, took the second one and finished my shower. I told him not to tell me what it said. When I finished my shower I got out and saw those 9 letters again. It slowly began to sink in. Next I call my doctor and said "I just 2 pregnancy tests and don't know what to do now" They asked if I had an OB and I said no, they said well here's a number go ahead and call them to set up your appointment. I call the OB but they were closed so I called the following day and scheduled my first appointment for March 9th. It seemed so far away but at least by then I would be done with my critical care class and could really enjoy everything.

We went to my parents house that evening for the first PU/IU game, which Purdue WON!!! and it was so hard to not to tell my parents. I wanted so badly to scream it from the rooftops but I didn't. It was even harder to keep it from them when I was getting so sick. I've been lucky not to have thrown up at all but I have nausea by the boat load. In fact this  was one of the signals I had. I would get nauseous after every time I ate and I was peeing 3 times a night. I will never forget driving home from Meijer pregnancy test in hand and just thinking that I really thought I was pregnant. I truly feel blessed to be pregnant and so thankful for this blessing.

On March 9th Adam and I went to our OB appointment. We were first called in for the ultrasound and I was so nervous. I had warned Adam that it would be a vaginal one so as to not scare him. The monitor was turned away from me and the chair was right against the wall. Adam had to stand in front of me, which sort of bothered me. I wish he could have been next to me. After starting the tech said "well there's only one" I immediately thought, BUT THERE IS A BABY???? she turned the monitor to me and I saw that beautiful kidney bean shape with arms!!!!!
Baby Chafin 9 weeks 1 day
After the tech showed us our baby she took some pictures for her measurements and then turned the monitor to us and we were able to see the bean move. It was amazing!!!! We also got to hear the heartbeat. It was a strong 176!!!! I've never felt so much love for my husband before. We created this wonderful blessing and I feel so blessed.

After our appointment we went to Mass. It was Ash Wednesday and we thought it would a great rounding out of the day. We still had no intention of telling anyone till Adam's Birthday. However after receiving our ashes we saw my sister and she came to sit with us. I just couldn't help myself and I looked at Adam and she said "hand her the pictures" so we did. She was ecstatic. It probably wasn't the best place to tell her but she was truly excited for us!! After mass we talked and we told her not to tell anyone, that we were going to wait to tell our parents together. I felt relieved that someone knew my secret and could be excited with me! After all she only had to keep the secret for 1 week! 

So that week came and went and we told all of our families and then I was finally able to tell our last few friends last night. So baby Chafin is due October 11th and we are so excited!!

I've been saving a weekly post about the pregnancy that I will post today. I'm not sure how the whole posting past drafts works so we'll find out. But I intend to have a weekly post about our little bean!
Thank you to everyone for your amazing support! I feel blessed in so many ways!!!

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