Friday, March 4, 2011


So today marks the halfway point of this semester, and I'm happy to announce that it's OVER! I had 2 finals today and one midterm due. It has been a busy day but a good one.

The first final this morning was in my critical care class and I'm happy to report I got an A!!! yay! which means I officially passed the class and get to move on with the program! I'm so excited! Although I don't know how much credit I can take because out of the 93 questions I'd say only about 5 of them were ones I hadn't seen before. I'm beginning to wonder if she actually had a caring bone in her body and she tried to make the final passable. The only problem was that I couldn't quite remember what the right answers were. Luckily in this program we are immediately able to review our exams and I have somewhat of a photographic memory so any of the questions I missed on previous exams I know I got right, but I don't go back through and look at the ones I did get right. But either way the outcome was an A and I'm pleased!

The second final was for Informatics. This exam was essay of all things. We found out 2 days ago that the exam had been compromised which really just means that they accidentally uploaded it early and someone looked at it and therefore had to change the format of the exam. I was a little nervous about having an essay exam over a subject I didn't quite understand but it wasn't near as bad as I expected. We were able to pull from life experiences and after talking with the teacher after the exam she didn't want to make the exam difficult and have us try and recall a bunch of stuff cause that isn't real life. She wanted us to find a way to take the subject matter and apply it to our what a novel idea?!?!

My midterm was a paper that I had to write and I'm usually fairly good at papers so hopefully that turned out well.

But now Adam and I are sitting in the airport getting ready to go to Savannah Georgia for the weekend. His 30th ::gasp:: birthday is in 2 weeks and this was originally going to be a week trip to the TN but turned into a free weekend trip thanks to my parents and their timeshare and frequent flier miles.

I'm really excited to be going on a trip and to have a week off of school! So until then enjoy your weekend! I'll post when we get back! :)

much love

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