Thursday, September 29, 2011

Picking Bedding

In choosing a theme that is not very popular presented a problem when it came to picking a bedding. If you do a search for Classic Winnie the Pooh bedding they in my opinion were dull and didn't really have any of the characters on them. I wanted bedding that was quilted and had cute pictures of the characters on them. Well that was not to be found.

I started with searching on ebay for bedding. I found 3 that were OK, Nothing I really loved but they would have worked. They were all grungy looking but in total for all 3 i think I spend 50 bucks. Gotta love ebay!!
This was the first one. It was $10 and although it's classic pooh, it was rather girly.  Oh well great blanket right?

This was # 2 I think this was around $15-20. The blue was really faded but cute and was probably my favorite

This was the final one and I think I spent like 20ish on it. It came with several different pieces. It was cute but again a little girly with the ruffles

Needless to say I wasn't in love with any of them. I was frustrated and annoyed. But thought worst came to worse I could just use these as blankets and maybe try to find a quilt or something that was cute that wouldn't be totally out of place.

To make matters worse my grandma, Adam's grandma AND my aunt wanted to get us our bedding. Well since I couldn't pick one, I couldn't exactly let them all get me bedding. I talked with my aunt and she said she would make it. I thought GREAT! yay problem solved!

I gave her all of these and she was able to incorporate them all into the bedding she made for us. She made the quit, bed skirt, bumper AND  curtain. they all turned out wonderful and I love them! I'm so lucky to have her. She worked so hard and they are priceless.

The quilt!

The bed skirt

My favorite part...the bumper!

The pretty curtain

all put together! SOO PRETTY!

I know that I caused her quite a bit of headache in the beginning because she wasn't quite grasping the whole classic vs. modern but she finally got it and I love that baby "L" has unique one of a kind bedding. We are so lucky!!

She said she enjoyed making them so I suppose it worked out for everyone. In fact her and I will hopefully be taking a quilting class after the baby is born. I'd love to get more into sewing!

Well I love this bedding and just had to share!! :)

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