Sunday, September 11, 2011

35 Weeks...little late

Week of September 6th

How Far Along? 35 weeks

35 weeks 1 day
Due Date:  October 11th

Total weight gain/loss: 35 on Monday when I weighed myself...probably more now

Maternity Clothes? yup and they are the best stuff ever. I've never felt so good wearing normal clothes!

Stretch Marks? Yes, unfortunately. They are growing to the top of my belly too...PLEAAAAAAASE no more!!! 

Sleep?  What I wouldn't give to sleep on my stomach! I am a horrible sleeper on my side and it's the only way I can sleep. Sleeping on my back is painful with the baby pushing up on me and me not being able to breath really well. It takes me like 2 hours to get to sleep and then when I finally do I wake up having to pee. FUN :( But the worst part has to be my neck. Sleeping on my side is so unnatural to me and my neck is in constant pain!

Best Moment of this Week?  Getting our bedroom painted. I painted the trim white and the walls. Granted I broke our bed in the process, but it got painted and looks awesome! 

Movement? Yes, this baby shifts a lot. If I'm in one position too long it like shifts up into my ribs to let me know I need to move! I kind of miss the smaller kicks and movements because these are slightly more uncomfortable!

Food cravings? Punch. I take 7UP and then add sherbert in it...delish!

Food aversions? nope

Gender? I'm still very much indifferent. I'm kinda of stupidly scared though because I have no strong feelings one way or another, no strong cravings or anything and one "old wives tale" will say girl, and another I'm just PRAYING its one or the other. I know this is a dumb thing to be worried about, but I am...

looks like a basketball to me
Labor Signs?  No real contractions this week :) Just little one moving a lot and that is uncomfortable, but I like knowing little one is alive and well! 

Belly Button In or Out? Still in and I really don't think it's going to pop out, but the stretch marks continue to grow around it daily!!!

What I miss? sleep and a pain free neck/back

What I am looking forward to: My last baby shower this weekend!!! I'm excited to see all my wonderful friends and get cool stuff for our nursery so that I can finish everything and have everything all ready for baby!

Size of the Baby:

Baby's now the size of a honeydew!
From now on, baby's growth is mostly in the plumping up department -- though he won't get much longer, he'll put on a pound or more of baby fat before birth. (He's about 15 percent right now and will be about 30 percent by full-term.) His hearing is totally developed (tip: baby responds best to higher pitches), and if he really is a "he," his testes have probably completed their descent.

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