Tuesday, September 27, 2011


Well it's official. I am a REGISTERED NURSE! Everything I have been working for and towards these past 3 years has paid off!

For those who don't know, in order to become a nurse you have to 1. go to school, and 2. take a national licensing exam in order to practice as a nurse.

Since school got finished in August I have been studying a little each day for this test (NCLEX). Through my school we paid for this prep class called Kaplan, and for me it was 8, 3 hour sessions where a teacher walked you through how to look at NCLEX questions, how to narrow down answers and how to really critically think about the questions.

What makes NCLEX so difficult in my opinion is that it is basically a random test over everything you learned in nursing school. It is really just basic nursing skill but the answers are so similar and it can be about managing priority of patients and what you would do in specific situations.

So last week I took the week off work and studied almost all day everyday! I did practice test after practice test and studied content. It was exhausting!

On Friday I got up at the butt crack of dawn and drove the 45 minutes to the west side of town. I have to say that this whole experience was intense. You have to be finger printed, palm printed and have your picture taken. It was nuts! If you ever have to leave the room for anything you have to be palm printed in and out! You also can't have anything on your wrists, any lip balm, there really were a lot of restrictions. But since I knew this before hand, I did put my rosary on a chain around my neck so that I would still have it with me.

The thing with NCELX is that you can have a minimum of 75 questions or a maximum of 265 and you have 6 hours to complete it. What determines how many questions you get is how you do answering the questions throughout the test. The more you get right the better you are doing and the fewer questions you will have. Also how you are doing answering the questions determines the type of questions you have. There are multiple choice(easy), math(moderate), ordering(moderate) and select all that apply(hardest). It will also give you multiple questions over a specific topic if you keep missing questions on it. The test gives you ample opportunity to pass the test which is why there is such a wider range in the amount of questions you can have.

Well I had 75 questions and it took only an hour and a half and the computer turned off. I walked out of there and I was SURE I failed. I wasn't in a panic or anything I was just sad because I was sure I wasn't doing well and was expecting to have more than 75 questions. I honestly feel like my heart almost stopped when it turned off. I called Adam the minute I got out and told him how I thought I failed and he just said he doubted it, but if I did we would figure something out and not to worry. (he is so great)

So I went to work on Saturday and was sure I'd failed but decided to just move on and worry about it later. Around noon I was checking to see if the 3 people who had taken the exam before me had gotten word if they had passed. The Indiana state board will post on their website for anyone to see  whether or not you are active on a website meaning you have your license. They have approximately 3 weeks to do so after you take the test. OR you can pay like 10 bucks and find out roughly 48 hours after you test if you passed through your "unofficial" results from the company who administers the test.

Well I checked and the 3 people who had taken it before me still did not have an active license number even though they all knew they had passed because they paid the extra money. There are all sorts rumors that can tell you if you pass or not. One said to try and reregister for the test and if it won't  let you then you passed, I tried and it wouldn't let me. Another said to check the website and see if you name shows up. If it doesn't then you failed. Well I was really nervous to check the website but around noon I finally got the courage to do so and wouldn't you know that the website read ACTIVE with a license number! I was shocked, truly! Ecstatic but shocked. I still feel like they made a mistake and they must have messed something up!

I immediately had to call Adam. I never call him while he is working at the restaurant but just knew it couldn't wait until he got home. Luckily he answered the phone and I didn't even say who it was on the phone, just told him I passed and he yelled "F*** ya" made me laugh. He was obviously and rightfully so ecstatic too.

But I'm truly thrilled! This was an answer from God! I have worked so hard for this and wanted this so bad. I needed this to happen right now because of the baby and desperately wanted it to happen now so that Adam no longer has to work 2 jobs. So ALLLLLLLLL our prayers were answered, and I had a lot of people praying!  I truly feel so very blessed and the timing couldn't be more perfect, or tight ;) Now I get to focus on our beautiful baby who will hopefully be here soon!

Thank you everyone for all your support, prayers and love over the past 3 years. It has paid off and it is very much appreciated! :)

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