Thursday, September 15, 2011

Nursery Done

Ok I have to say I hate decorating. In a perfect world I would be a millionaire (or really just make more than I do) and could have afforded someone to decorate this little ones nursery, because quite frankly I suck at it!

All I knew I wanted for this room was the theme of Classic Winnie the Pooh. Now in choosing this presented a problem...there really aren't many bedding choices, or decorations that are CLASSIC. So I enlisted the help of my talented friend to help with those, and hunted on ebay for what seemed like days!

The first part of the nursery was cleaning it out, painting the walls, painting the trim and picking furniture. All of that I've already blogged about in this post...Nursery Part 1

Since then I have been focused on the details. When I finished nursing school I painted the trim, changed the hardware (UGLY brass was there before) and found places for all the little nick nack things I'd acquired.

here is the finished product.

As you walk in

The Changing table area

The Curtain and Hamper (AJ made the curtain :))

View from the window

View from the closet
The quotes on the walls are these:

This one is on the wall with the big mural

This is over the changing pad.

As for the small details that I'm just NO good at, my friends did some canvas paintings that helped go along with the theme as well as an inspirational quote.
painting #1 that is over by the window
she did pink and blue butterflies since
we don't know what sex the baby is
This one is over the cute the baby can
look at pooh and piglet walking into the sunset from it's crib

The inspirational quote that I JUST LOVE!!!!
My Friends are so talented!!! I'm so lucky to have them help me with all of this!!
So the final details were hanging the curtains, hanging the shelves to put the cool decor I had and then just last night hanging the "L" for the babys initials. 

Shelf #1 with the book ends!
Shelf #2 with the piggy bank
The "L" under the second shelf with the basket of cloth diapers,
monitor and nightlight :)
all in all I have to say I'm quite proud of this little nursery! It's the ONLY room in my house that I can actually say is completely decorated...hopefully in the near future that will change. But I'm happy with how all the details turned out especially the white trim, it looks so much better than the cheap wood we had before! My goal is to have the whole house done by this time next year...we'll see.

Well I hope you all love it as much as I do, and I hope little one loves it too (though I doubt he/she will have an opinion)

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  1. The nursery looks awesome! I'm sure baby will love it!