Monday, July 18, 2011

Baby Nursery Part 1

**Warning it's a longer post, but a lot is pictures**

In deciding to start a family, I really honestly thought it would take several months to get the timing right, and all that. God had other plans for us and it happen MUCH quicker than I anticipated.

We planned it so that I could finish nursing school before baby arrived. What I didn't think about was that all of my spare time (haha that has to be a joke) would have to be devoted to cleaning out my "catch all" room, that would be the baby's nursery. When we moved in I always knew this one room would be the nursery. However I also knew it'd be YEARS before we'd have a baby to fill it with so I used it as my catch all. Anything and EVERYTHING I didn't immediately know what to do with was thrown into this room!

I also always knew that Classic Winnie the Pooh would be my theme since I wouldn't be finding out the sex. Luckily I have a wonderful friend who also happens to be an amazing artist. So we always said that when the time came she would paint a mural on the wall. Well unfortunately what we didn't plan on was that when the time came she would live in Florida!!

Timing being a huge issue of when she could come and paint the mural meant that I had to get my butt into high gear and CLEAN OUT the messiest room in my house! She gave me all of a 2 week warning of when she was coming into town. I thought I had more time to prepare but ended up not.

So here is what I started with...

view looking into the room. See what I mean with the mess


I struggled to find a place for all the books!

All the furniture was mine from growing up and I emptied out each and every drawer, got rid of lots of spare papers, and got a new bookcase that went in the basement to store everything. I moved all of the white furniture except the day bed into our spare bedroom. It actually looks rather nice in there. But after 3 full 6+ hour days devoted to cleaning, and moving the furniture all by myself (yes I got yelled at for this but Adam is never home, what was I supposed to do???) Here was my finished product
A completely bare room!

WOW, It was spotless

the other part of my motivation was to see what the crib looked like up
So after all of this, I had to have my dad come over and paint the ceiling. I know it sounds weird but if you were to get paint on the ceiling when painting the walls, I couldn't fix it. (this happened when I did my kitchen and living room). The color that was up there wasn't anything I could figure out and the company that built our house went under and I couldn't get a hold of them to ask. So the next solution was to paint the ceiling. After that it was picking a paint color...

I started out getting samples of each of these, but didn't love
any of them

so I got a couple more and ended up choosing the far right one.
It was very hard for this decoratingly challenged person to pick a color, but I have to say I LOVE the color I picked even though it seems to be a trend in my house to paint a room green...

After painting the room green, two days later Vina came over to start and finish the mural. We originally wanted several little "pictures" on the wall but since I didn't know what other furniture I would have or where I would put it, we stuck with just the one and then she is going to canvas paintings for the rest...

Day 1 and the tree was painted

Day 2 she put the picture up

the finished picture. It's from the book Tiggers don't climb trees!
I absolutely LOVE this mural. She did an AMAZING job and I couldn't be happier with it. It truly looks amazing and I'm so excited to finish everything.

Since she left we've also gotten our dresser and glider. We got them both on sale at Babies R Us!!! I was so thrilled about this! The dresser is bigger than I anticipated so it's hard to figure out where to put everything and I can't get a bookcase like I once thought but thats ok, the room has a walk-in closet so maybe I can do something creative in there.
The view as you walk in the room

Can't wait to see baby when I open the door!

The only spot I could think of to put the glider, the ottoman is
off to the side for now...
Over all the room is coming together nicely. We just need our mattress, and bedding. And since I'm the pickiest person ever I couldn't find a bedding I liked so my wonderful Aunt is MAKING me my bedding!!! YAY! I can't wait to see what she comes up with! She is so talented and creative! It's going to be awesome!

ok so there is the nursery up to this point. Now I just have to find a spot for all this baby stuff, and finish up some little decorating things! I'm really getting excited and less stressed out about this whole process!!

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  1. So cute!!! i love the picture on the wall!!!!