Thursday, June 9, 2011

Great Finds

So the theme of baby's room is going to be Classic Winnie the Pooh.  I've ALWAYS loved Pooh and love the Disney overall so I knew I would have to incorporate Disney in some way, and what better way for a baby's room than Pooh.

I know some people feel like it's way too over done and all that but I disagree. However I want it to be classic pooh, not modern pooh. There is a difference though my mother can't see

I'm a planner, always have been and probably always will be. (I'm already trying to plan the baptism of the baby and how Christmas and the other holidays will work...I know...psycho!) So in dreaming of how my life would be growing up I knew I'd have kids. Thus, I've always known that I wasn't going to find out the sex of my children. I just love the anticipation and surprise of the whole thing. In knowing this I had to think of a theme that would be neutral. I wanted it to be neutral because 1. I wasn't finding out the sex and 2. we plan to have multiple children and didn't want to decorate a nursery every time

Well in choosing Classic Pooh over Modern Pooh presents one tiny problem. There is NO Classic Pooh stuff ANYWHERE!! I've looked at stores and they may have 1 or 2 things but they aren't even cute. So I decided to look on ebay and wouldn't you know I've found some AWESOME finds!! Here's what I have so far...

This is the bookends that I will use on the Shelving Unit

This is some Classic Pooh books, $9 with shipping THANK YOU

This lamp was too cute. There was one I liked better
but it was from Austrailia and cost $250 plus $300 for shipping...
ummm no

Light cover...LOVE IT

This is my favorite. It's a nightlight...I thought it'd be handy
for those 2 am feedings!

here is the back of it. LOVE IT

These are from a co-worker of mine. She also did classic pooh when she
had her daughter 11 years ago.  LOVE THEM

This is my FAVORITE. It's also from my co-worker
It's a bank and I ADORE it

This is a super cute blanket I found.

This is a comforter i found. 10 bucks. It's cute and might be a wall hanging
So I plan to paint the room some sort of green. Probably like a sage green. Disney has some cute paint colors that I will look into. Also one of my best friends is going to come up and paint a few pictures on the wall. I can't wait!  I actually talked with her last night and she's going to be up here next week. AHHH I have a lot to do until then!!!

Now if I could only find a comforter or fabric that I loved. My aunt offered to make me my bedding but I just haven't found any fabric I love. I want the comforter to have like a quilty feel too it with different we'll see.  I just had to share though!!
While I feel overwhelmed at everything I have to get done, I'm glad the room will finally be taking shape!!

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