Friday, June 17, 2011

Birthing Preferences

I have a unique outlook on childbirth, and have given it a lot of thought over the years. Since I always hoped I would get pregnant and have a baby I knew it was something I would have to go through someday (or I'd hoped)

The idea of an epidural never really appealed to me. Sticking a needle unnecessarily in my spine just doesn't sound like a fun or good experience to me. Also I tend to have a naturalistic view on things and don't really love the whole medical intervention thing (odd since I'm going to be nurse someday...) but I believe in doing things as naturally as possible. Obviously there are times where this is just no possible, hence why there is open heart surgery, antibiotics, and medications.

But I've long been a proponent of doing what you can naturally before turning to medical interventions. Hence why when I was 23 and had high cholesterol I cut certain things out of my diet increased my exercise and lowered it by 70 pts YAY.

Well these views of mine continue with childbirth. I believe that God gave us this wonderful opportunity to carry a baby, and while it has been the most unique experience of my life, it ends with a rather (so I'm told) painful few hours. Now maybe I'm crazy as so many people have told me, but childbirth is NOT supposed to be pain free, I don't believe God intended it to be so. Also while doctors may say that an epidural is safe for the baby, the only way to really know that is to test the baby and I'm not sure that any of that has been done. Everything passes through the placenta and that means the epidural too, and it just doesn't sit right with me to possibly put my baby through some danger all so I can not feel any pain during their birth.

Like I said I have extreme views on childbirth and I'm well aware of the fact that they are not the norm for our society but I feel that our society relies way to heavily on the medical profession. We are one of the most unhealthy nations in the world, and we are relying on doctors to guide us...something just isn't adding up.  Now while I understand there are reasons for C-sections and medical interventions and thats what those resources are put there for.

So anyways I'm not writing this to sway anyone on their birthing decisions, or make them feel guilty, just writing how I feel. I in no way judge those who aren't cut out for natural childbirth, I'm just offering a different perspective.

So due to my unique views on childbirth I searched for a Child birthing class that would offer me everything I wanted. And I found it. It's the Bradley Method of Childbirth, or also known as Husband Assisted Childbirth. It's a 9 week long course that covers ways to cope with the pain and what to expect. We have had two classes so far and I must say I LOVE IT. It's everything I believe in and want for my birth experience!

I will try to keep an update of what goes on with each class. But I have to say I just love it!! It makes me more and more excited about giving birth and holding my precious baby!!!!


  1. You might also be interested in Hypnobirthing method. I couldn't find a class anywhere, but Sharon Johns from STVWH says she knows of one in the Indy area. She is also the childbirth educator at the hospital. She also does the Monogram Maternity program as well.

  2. So glad you found that class! Don't let anyone talk you out of what you want from this experience! Love you and baby!!