Thursday, June 3, 2010

Rough Week

This week has been quite rough to say the least. I had 3 exams and my first set of on site clinicals. Thus far in nursing school we have been learning in the lab and this week we went to the hospital and practiced all we learned in the lab.
First I'll start with the AMAZING yet exhausting weekend we had. Saturday we headed to Bloomington for his cousin's High School graduation open house. We really had a great time visiting with his awesome family. It's sad we aren't able to get together more often. It was also really good to see how far his uncle has come in his recovery from a nasty ear infection that turned him septic and forced him to have a tracheotomy and placed on a ventilator. Here's a picture of us from the Open House

Sunday Adam got to go to his FIRST EVER INDY 500!!! WHOOO HOOO! He never quite understood the appeal of the greatest spectacle in racing but he now understands and might just be hooked! Thanks dad for the awesome tickets! I owe you big time as always! It was such a good time with what is left of the "rolex riders" and their kiddos. Plus we got to hang with the Gilbert's which is always one my favorite things! After the race we went to Greg annual race party and of course had a great time. Although by the end of the night we were ready to get some good rest. Something we seem to lack now a days.

So the week started off great! I loved having memorial day off with Adam. It was the best! I feel like we rarely get to spend time any real quality time together anymore so we definitely enjoyed each other's company a lot. We just hung out around the house, Adam cleaning the garage, me studying but then we went on an hour walk together something we used to do all the time, but never get a chance to. Then we went to AJ's to celebrate Sammie's 16th birthday something that officially made me say the cliche that all people do as they age... "man I feel old, I remember when you were born". I can't believe my almost baby sister is 16! WOW!! After AJ's we headed home where I got to spend some quality time with one of my BFF's watching the Bachelorette. SO FUN!
Tuesday is when chaos started. First all I had my clinical orientation at Riverview Hospital which is only 5 miles so I told Adam to take my car and I would take the truck, all I had to do was fill it up in the morning. Well morning rolls around and his truck is bellow the red and I can't find my wallet because I left it in Dad's car when we went to the race because I was DD that day (Who would have guessed that?). Long story short I made it to the hospital then home and then to get gas, but I was definitely worried!! Well orientation went well, and then it was home to study for my 3 exams.
Wednesday came the dreaded first Patho exam and it pretty much chewed me up and left me for dead. I did really bad and am still quite upset about it. But I have to move forward. Although I did so only by pouting for about 3 hours then had to pick up the pieces and study for my next 2 exams.
Today we had our first onsite clinical with patients. It was interesting to say the least. My patient was not doing very well with his breathing and caused quite a stir for a few hours or so. But it was kind of nice to only have on patient to give a bath and change a bed for! WOW what a change. But I truly enjoyed the experience I feel like I got to provide a lot better bedside care with only having one patient. Now I just have to work on that darn care plan!!! after clinicals it was off to take the last 2 exams which I must say went much better than Patho...although not sure I could do much worse! Then I waited around for mom to get done with another interview before we headed to weight watchers! While waiting I helped to rearrange the study area for our program so I hope it all works well for everyone.

This is week one of operation loose 20 lbs by my 25th birthday!!! Mom started weight watchers with me and I'm hoping it will really help to have someone do it with me, to keep me motivated. Plus Adam and I are dedicated to working out or at least lifting every other day. Off to go lift with the husband! Bye all!

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