Thursday, June 17, 2010

I just don't get it

Today was an extremely rough day. It started off good, I got to have lunch with my amazing husband and then I planned to meet some girls from work for a drink. THEN 1:00 hit and it hasn't been the same since.
on my way home from lunch I got a call from my mom, she asked what I was doing and I said I was headed home. then I asked "why what are you doing"...first of all I must preface this with the fact that I had JUST talked to her not even 2 hours before and she was joyful as always, but this time she was somber and sounded upset...
she preceded to tell me "I'm going home too". I was a little shocked because I swear you can't make that woman come home much before 6 so I asked "oh really...why?" then she drops the biggest bomb...."I was just let go from -----." I swear I could have punched something!
As you may have known from my previous post, moms job was a little up in the air. However I never really thought they would let her go. She has been a manager for 15+ years and she has worked for them for over 30!!!!!!!!!!! I think the whole way they handled this little "business decision" was down right SHITTY!
It truly pisses me off to no avail! How do you treat one of your best associates that way????? I mean the woman CONSTANTLY has her cell phone with her because there is always a work related issue. And to boot, I would go 3 weeks at a time in high school without seeing her because she practically lived there. I mean if you want someone with more determination and dedication they sure as hell missed the boat on that one. And I'm sorry but I'm not biased in this one just cause I'm her daughter, ask any of her "former" associates...I've gotten tons of Facebook messages from people just wanting me to let her know how sorry they are and how much they will miss her.

So to make a long story short, this sucks in many ways! and at first I really could have hurt something but through much reflection and talk with mom (we did have many discussions leading to today about the what if...if she were to be to be let go) I really do think this is for the better. I mean the amount of hours that are going to have to go into this new position is insane, I'm not sure mom could handle much more. Besides I've truly enjoyed her stepping back a bit from her job and spending more time with me and my sister. So in reality I think they did her a favor, she never would have quit that job because she LOVED everyone she worked with. But she can now focus on herself and her family and those are the most important things.  This is a blessing once we all get over the shock of it all.  I mean in the next 2-3 years she has grandbabies (God willing) she can hang out with!
Mom I love you!

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  1. I'll say some prayers for her! And I love the new background! :)