Wednesday, June 9, 2010

2 years already?!?!?!

Monday Adam and I celebrated our 2nd anniversary. It brought back so many memories, from the amazingly high and low wedding day we had. I am so thankful to be married to him and I honestly couldn't have asked for a better wedding, now better weather yes, but better wedding no! Thanks to all of our friends and family who helped us in celebrating that wonderful day then and now. You all mean so much to us! Just a few pictures from that glorious day. Don't mind my hair ps, it's a mess thanks to the humidity and downpour we got! ahhh memories :)

 So monday we celebrated and I just have to say it was an AMAZING night. I didn't have school that day but of course had a bunch of stuff to do. But since the previous week I'd only gotten about 5-6 hrs of sleep per day I allowed myself to sleep until 11:45! WHOO HOO. it was refreshing!!! Then I did some school work, and since Adam and I are on the budget plan my gift to him was picking up the dog poop and mowing the yard! I had honestly forgotten how enjoyable mowing could be if you have 2 hours to spare!! :)
All we did on this budget anniversary was made dinner and watched some tv together. I made ribs during the day (I had bought them last summer on sale and froze them for a special occasion!). Then we made some mac n cheese, grilled onion and grilled potatoes. It was delish! To top it off we split a bottle of YUMMY champagne and a slice of our wedding cake from 2 years ago. I know you must be thinking gross, but seriously it was delish! At our wedding nearly all of Adam's family couldn't come because they were from Bloomington and that is where the massive floods were so we ended up with a whole 9x13 extra pan of cake. I've been really diligent about wrapping it in plastic about 8 times then in foil twice to keep freezer burn out. SO it was yummmmmmmmy! In fact i've had 2 additional pieces since then. :) My goal is to have the cake make it anniversary #5...we will see!
we actually used our wedding china! :)

The yummy food

Cheers! :)


Well all in all it was a wonderful anniversary and it made me really thankful to have married such a wonderful man. He truly is an inspiration to me and makes me a better person just by being by my side! He loves me for me(flaws in all) and I am so freaking lucky! :) so here's to the first 2 and many more to come! Love you babe! :)

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