Monday, June 21, 2010

Welcome to the family!

Yesterday my uncle got married!!! The marriage was between my mom's youngest brother Dan and his beautiful now wife Megan. They each have 2 kids from previous marriage and it was such a beautiful wedding! It is the second marriage for both and I just have to say that I loved how they encorporated the children into their wedding. It was beautiful how they took their kids feelings and emotions and made it about family and not just the two of them!

The wedding was up in Rochester Indiana, Megan's parents own a house up on the lake and it was absolutely gorgeous. It is my dream to one day own a house on the lake where I could jump in the water any time I want. I often say I'm retiring to a boat on the water! I just loved it. Here's a cute pic of me and Adam on the water front.

Now of course for me, the best part was just being with my family. I know I'm a little biased but my family truly is the best. I swear there is NEVER a dull moment and we are always laughing and having a good time, no matter what side of the family. It was great to see my cousins who unfortunately I never get to see because of this stupid school thing.  I also truly enjoyed seeing little hannah who is almost 1 year old, man does time fly! Here is a picture of Aspen who is Danny's oldest son and Hannah!!!

I also really enjoyed spending some time with my grandparents. They live in Northern Indiana by Chicago and unfortunately my weekends are just too busy to travel up there. It is truly amazing to me to see them so happy together after 55+ years of marriage. They still make each other laugh. I can only hope that Adam and I are that happy in 55 years! They have set such a wonderful example for us!

I also just liked this picture of My sister, Grandma and I. 

Ok so lastly I want to just share in this little moment and give you all a glimpse into my craziness that is my family. On my mom's side you are not 'in-lawed' into the family you are "out-lawed" They call themselves the outlaws(picture is all the out-laws that were present..2 were missing) and they have a leader...who is the Grand Pouba. My dad just happens to be this Grand Pouba because he has been in the family the longest (29 years this october thank you!) It's often a joke because there were two marriages before him, and both ended in divorce, but then my aunt re-married her former husband and Uncle Bill tried to take is place as Grand Pouba and my dad just wouldn't have it. But anyways, Megan is officially part of the outlaws and we couldn't be happier about it!
and of course in this crazy family of out-laws you have to be inducted...her initiation task was to smash the wedding cake in Dan's face....

She succeeded! Welcome to the family Megan! You can't get rid of us now... :) :) :)

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