Monday, June 21, 2010

Happy Birthday Daddy!

Today is a special day in my family. It's not only father's day but it is also my dad's birthday!!! Of course the two don't fall on the same day very often but this year they just did. It is almost sad because I feel like we should have gone all out and gotten him something extra special since it's a double wammy of a day but  we just weren't able to. I mean last year he got a brand new grill, its hard to top that!
Well I just wanted to take a moment and share how much I adore my father. He may have his faults but they are hard for me to find. He is a wonderful father who adores my sister and I in his own special way. He has helped make me who I am and for that I am forever grateful! He is just the best darn father anyone could ask for! He would do anything for his family and often breaks his back to try and help those in need. He is extremely generous with his time and assets and is often what I call a knight in shining armor.
If I am half the parent my dad has been to me, then I know my kids will be wonderful people. For all you do and have done for me dad, I thank you!
I don't have any updated pictures because he hates to have his picture taken, but here are a few from the wedding. I think in these pictures it's pretty darn clear where I get my looks from.
Well anyways, I am one lucky girl to have you as a father, I love ya pops!

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