Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Landon is ONE!

I'm just going to say it. Landon is ONE. is it really possible? My baby is one! My little angel who made this last year so wonderful is ONE. He has grown into such a beautiful little soul with a personality all his own. He is so much fun to be around simply because he brings a smile to everyones face. Its been a rough year, a fun year, a sad year and an absolutely amazing year. I just can't believe a whole year has passed.

If you follow this blog, you might be able to understand why its taken me so long to write this. Our worlds were rocked a little before his first birthday in learning we were expecting again! While I'm excited to add another (two) siblings for Lincoln and Landon, I'm a little nervous on what that will do to our little angel.

Landon has been such a blessing. We could not have asked for a smoother or easier transition to having two kids. You hear horror stories all the time of how this transition could go and he surpassed all our expectations. From sleeping through the night on day 4, (something Lincoln didn't do until he was 8 or 9 months), and although we've had a set back in the last few months, its still only once a night, he's also more laid back and easy than we ever thought possible. It's like he knew Lincoln was going to get challenging and wanted to make it easy on us. He's just a perfect little addition to our family and we could not imagine a day or a minute without him. We love you so much Landoman!

Here are a few of his milestones he hit by age 1.

  • He got his first haircut the day before his birthday, simply because I had a big day planned for my two birthday boys. 
  • Just like his brother, he isn't walking yet. He doesn't really even stand independently yet. He cruises across furniture but not interested in the walking thing. He really won't even push things to walk behind. I would highly doubt if he is walking before Christmas. But its all on his time table and I'm ok with that
  • He stands and pulls up on everything. He rarely just sits there, he's always into something, and exploring things
  • He loves to crawl and crawl fast. He's out of my sight in 2 seconds flat I swear!
  • He loves to crawl up and down the stairs. He's not as good going down, and I don't feel quite comfortable letting him do it alone yet, but he's getting close. 
  • He is getting better about sitting in his new carseat. He finally doesn't throw huge fits!
  • He is getting better at entertaining himself. He's been a little fussy lately and I think he is teething or something because he wants to be held a lot. but on the days he feels good he will actually sit there and play with some toys for a small amount of time. 
  • He is an eater. He loves all food! I swear there isn't really anything he won't try or eat. He's great. Really the only thing I can't seem to get him to eat is chicken nuggets...hmmm that's going to make dinner time challenging since thats all lincoln really likes
    • His favorite seems to be clementines, bananas, BP and bread
  • He is not good at drinking from a sippy cup. In fact when I tried to wean him from BF and he wouldn't drink from a sippy cup, I think he got a little dehydrated. So I've resorted to milk bottles
  • He is still BF 3 times a day. after finding out I'm pregnant I want to wean him sooner rather than later. 
  • He loves bath time. I swear I can get 30-45 more min out of him at night before bed if he gets a bath. Its like it gives him a second wind
  • He is usually ready for bed by 9. He is definitely not my party child like his brother. He likes to sleep!
  • He will sleep for me about 12-13 hours. He usually wakes up around 5/6 for a feeding when I'm home and then will go back to sleep until about 8-9
  • He takes one nap a day for about 3-4 hours. But by golly he is ready for his nap by noon!! I try to hold him off until 1 or 2 but if we are out driving somewhere around noon, he is fast asleep! TURKEY!
  • He has become a little mischievous. He doesn't listen all that well either, so when you tell him no, he looks at you smiles and does what he wants anyway!  AGAIN...TURKEY!
  • He isn't really talking yet, but he will say mama, dada, GO, and a form of dog that I don't know how to spell.
    • He loves to growl at you, and if you make different growling noises and inflections he will follow you
  • He is doing better with mimicking you. 
    • He waves bye bye
    • He claps, yay
    • He blows kisses
    • He says "so big" with hand gestures
  • He hates his socks, he will NOT keep them on! DRIVES ME NUTS!
  • He knows his name and will always look at you when you say his name!! Love this!
I think this is the basic's of what he accomplished. He has grown so much, and I just love it! He has grown so much and has such  a wonderfully mischievous personality that I love so much. 

We finally got to the doctor just a few weeks ago, due to my doctor being gone and having to schedule my OB appointment, we got there a month late, but here are his stats!
  • He is 31 inches long
  • He's 85th% in length
  • He's 22lbs 13 oz 
  • He's in the 49th% for weight
So I have a long and lean baby on my hands!!! He is 1/2 inch shorter than Lincoln, and 4 oz shorter than Lincoln. 

  • He grew 10 inches
  • He gained 14 lbs 9 oz! 
And of course what monthly post is complete without a few pictures. 

Love you sweet adorable little Landoman!!! you are such a blessing and I'm so lucky you're mine!!!

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