Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Baby Chafin #3

Week of October 3rd

Ok This week I decided that it had been a while since I had my cycle and maybe I should take a pregnancy test. I took it just to ease my mind. I never really thought I was pregnant. My cycle was really irregular when I was nursing Lincoln, I mean 16 or 67 days...very hard to predict, and it was pretty much the same thing this time as well. I took them regularly when I was nursing Lincoln and they were always negative, and we were actually trying to get pregnant with both boys.  We did get pregnant with Landon shortly after I stopped nursing.

So when I took the test, and the horizontal line immediately appeared  my jaw dropped. We weren't trying, we weren't ready...were we? We were going to wait another year, when did this happen? Are we really ready? All these things were running through my mind. I immediately came out of the bathroom and asked Adam to read the pregnancy test to see if he saw the same thing I did...he said he felt it was positive too...I told him I had to go to store to get a digital one that read pregnant or not pregnant because I just wasn't sure. When that test came back positive too, to be honest I broke down. I started to cry. I was scared, I was nervous, I was overwhelmed. After all I wasn't expecting this, we weren't financially ready. This wasn't a part of our plan. I wanted to wait another year before trying.

It all came as such a shock because for the first time when I took a pregnancy test that turned out positive, I don't feel pregnant, nor were we actively trying. Sure we said 4 years ago when we began our journey to parent hood that we wouldn't prevent until we were done, it wasn't an active decision as it was with the boys. But I feel completely like I always do. No fatigue, no nausea, no breast tenderness, NOTHING! But since the test says positive, I'm hoping for a viable pregnancy and that this isn't a ectopic or molar pregnancy or i'll be praying until I can get in to see my doctor in a few weeks. Also since I don't know how far along I am, I'm going to hold off on doing my normal weekly posts until I know for sure how far I am...5, 6 or 7

weeks...who knows!

turns out I'm 6 weeks 3 days here
How Far Along? Not a clue!

Due Date: According to my LMP may 22nd. According to my cycle length June 2nd...see why I have no clue!

Total weight gain/loss: 0 lbs so far...we shall see. I'm starting 3 lbs lighter than I did with Landon.

Maternity clothes? The sweet high elastic waist bands have never left me. They are my best friends!

Stretch Marks? Still covered. I wonder if I'll get more with this one like I did with Landon!

Sleep: ehhh I'm slightly more tired than normal but nothing like with Landon or Lincoln...I also work nights so it's hard to tell!

Best moment this week: finding out we are pregnant. We were not trying and were not expecting this. But we are so so thrilled!

Movement: too early for this

Food cravings: none really...i must be healthier than the last pregnancies than the last. I never did get around to losing the last of my lincoln pregnancy weight

Food aversions: none

Gender: unknown and I'm not sure we will find out again...i know we drive people nuts!

Labor Signs: none, thank goodness

Belly Button in or out? Innie never went out with either boys

What I miss: nothing really

What I am looking forward to: My doctor appointment October 23rd. If for nothing else to make sure this is a good pregnancy and to find out when I'm due. I am not going to post anymore weekly updates until I know! I'm sure not much else will change!

Size of the Baby:

Baby's now the size of a sweet pea!
Growing like crazy, baby is starting to sprout eyes, ears, nose, cheeks, and chin. Those little hands and feet -- still webbed like paddles -- might wiggle by week's end, the heart is beating (almost twice as fast as yours!), and blood is starting to circulate.

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