Saturday, September 27, 2014

Landon's 11 months old

Well considering I have a little over a week before my baby is 12 months (gasp) old I guess it's high time I get his 11  month post done.

It's been a rough month with losing a very dear friend. I haven't had much energy to do much and we spent a lot of time with his family. But I'm so grateful for Landon and the joy he brought all of us during such a very hard time.

11 months how is it possible? How has a year almost past already. I just can't believe it. I can't believe it was just about a year ago that I was sitting and praying that I wouldn't go into labor early so that I would have Christmas off, while also hoping that this baby wouldn't come on Lincoln's birthday...funny trick Lando. 

These last 11 months have been a dream. Landon is the perfect baby and perfect addition to our family. He makes me want to have 10 more (ok maybe not 10, but a few more at least). He's just a joy and continues to be so, just the happiest and best baby you could ever hope for. We are so blessed.  

Being that he is truly almost 1, I'm going to try to keep these milestones to what he accomplished by 11 months instead of all the things he's done since then.  

  •  This month we officially have crawler. He moved from the army crawl to a normal! He's such a big boy!
  • He's not walking yet or even close. I bet he's 18 months before he walks!
  • He pulls up on everything. He will even just sort of bounce on his knees. It's quite cute. 
  • He will cruise across everything one he pulls up
  • He won't really take steps if you hold his hands, which is why I think he will be slower to he walking, but I'm ok with that since he crawled so late. I'm in no hurry for him to get big!
  • He is still in the stage of putting everything he can find in his mouth. I find myself bring a neat freak and vacuuming constantly to make sure he doesn't get into things he shouldn't. 
  • My favorite thing he does is use his index finger. He will point with it and use it to explore everything. It's really cute. 
  • He has 6 teeth 4 up top and 2 on bottom.
  • He loves food. All food. There isn't anything he won't at least try, but bananas, Cheerios, and peaches seem to be a fave. 
  • He still loves to nurse. Although I'm not sure he's getting much ounce wise since my supply has  dropped significantly. He still wants to do it. And when he wants to do it, here is no changing his mind!
  • He still nursing 5 to 7 times a day!!!! But they aren't all full feeds, sometimes it's just for a minute or two. 
  • He's becoming a little shy and will hide in my arms when some people come up to him at times. Other times he tries to high five everyone he sees.
  • We are working on our discipline. We say no, and he sometimes listens but he's clearly testing out its meaning. Because he will stop what he's doing and smile at us, then try to go for it again. The biggest thing we say no to is, hitting our new tv! We can't let what happened to the last one happen again.
  • He knows his name. When Adam or I say it he stops and will look at us. 
  • He will come to me when I tell him to, granted he wants me anyway but when i say "come here" he usually does. 
  • He loves to grunt, growl and make lots of noise. He doesn't really say any words yet, but he has said mama and dada just not necessarily distinctively yet. 
  • He's still my good little sleeper. He sleeps about 10 hrs before waking for a feeding and then will sleep a few more hours after the feeding. 
  • He takes a 2-4 hr nap everyday. But if I'm working he usually gets up around 7/8 and then my parents hold him off till I get home and then he will take a hr or so morning nap for them, then a later one for me. 
  • He's a big boy and is mostly in 18-24 month clothes. Though for some reason I feel like he's not as big as Lincoln was. 

Here are some pics from his photoshoot. I feel like I was really able to capture his personality this time. He is so much fun. 

Landon we love you so much, thank you for being such a wonderful little person! we are beyond blessed!

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