Thursday, July 7, 2011

My Choice to Switch Doctors

So having a baby is a big deal. I know it happens everyday and some people even do it without knowing they are pregnant, I still can't believe that one but oh well.

One of the first things I did when finding out I was pregnant was to call my PCP and ask who to go to. She gave me a name of a Doctor and I called to make an appointment. At our first appointment at 9 weeks Adam and I got to hear the baby's heart beat and meet our new OBGYN. She was a really nice and sweet doctor but the number one problem was that she herself was pregnant and due August 15th. This meant that she may or may not be back in time for the delivery of baby Chafin.

She told us we should probably go ahead and meet as many other doctors as possible. Well there were 11 of them!!!! REALLY!!! seriously 11 other doctors to meet, so this meant that I was almost seeing a different doctor every time I had an appointment. AND there was no guarentee that I would meet each one before the baby came, so I could have a complete stranger helping me with the delivery of my most precious baby!

The second doctor I met, was at my 18 week ultrasound, where we did the anatomy scan (which I found out after the appointment that this is what it was), and she was perfectly nice. She asked if I had any questions, which I didn't at the time, but didn't really go over anything with me. All she said was things looked good, and that not to worry if I wanted the gender to be a surprise it would be a surprise for her too. I talked with her about having a natural birth and she was completely cool with the idea, even went as far as to say that she would ensure that I wouldn't be induced or anything like that...AWESOME!

My next appointment was with another doctor in the practice. I showed up on time, and had to wait for 20 minutes in the lobby. Then I was taken back to the exam room, and had my BP taken by the medical assistant and she didn't even tell me what it was, I had to ask, she was completely unfriendly and just walked out of the room. Then I proceeded to wait for an additional 30 minutes before the doctor came in. He said, Hi asked me to get on the exam table, listened to the heartbeat, as he was listening asked if I had any questions and  and all I told him was that I had been having some contractions and was that something to be concerned about. He said no, they were probably Braxton Hicks. Then measured my uterus. He then asked me how big I was as a baby. I told him I was 6lbs 5 oz but I was also 6 weeks early. He then asked how big my husband was, I said he was 7lbs 10 oz at 2 weeks early. He said ok, I want to see you back in 4 weeks but we will probably hold off on the glucose test until your next appointment and walked out of the room. No explanation as to why he was asking the questions.

Now being a nursing student you are privileged to know EVERY single thing that could possibly go wrong with your baby. To the point that there are some nights I can't sleep. Even thinking back to this appointment makes me cry. I walked out of there upset, scared and really sad. I was scared that something could be wrong with my baby and that is why he was asking questions. But I didn't get a chance to ask, because he literally just walked right out of the room. I felt like all I was, was another patient to him, he didn't take the time to get to know me, ask me anything about how I was feeling or any concerns I really had. And this could be the man delivering my baby....I DON'T THINK SO!

On top of all of this, as I've stated before I want to have a completely natural childbirth. No drugs, epidurals, no pitocin, no nothing. 100% natural. To me this is the only way to guarantee that my baby will be safe. Obviously there are times when a C-section and things of that nature are in order but that is a LAST resort! When I talked with my original OB she didn't seem like she was very on board with the idea, she kept saying that even though I don't like pain meds, epidurals are different blah blah blah. I just didn't want to feel pressured to do something I didn't want to do.

So I talked with a good friend of mine and she highly recommends her doctor. She has MANY of the same views on childbirth and child raising as I do so I trusted her instincts. I was at my MFM clinical and one of the doctors from that practice was in there and I decided that was a sign and I needed to make the switch. So I called and made an appointment. I went to my old OB and signed the release forms and set everything in motion.

So today I had my appointment with my new doctor. I must start with I LOVE HER! She is so personable. Made me feel comfortable, completely understood where I was coming from, really reassured me that baby was fine and I had no reason to worry. She even went as far to say that I have a fibroid on my uterus that at 18 weeks was about 5 cm long. She said they were completely benign. (I did already know this) and that nearly 80% of women probably already have them. They usually shrink after baby is born, and mine is in a place that will more thank likely not affect birth. She then went on to tell me that this was probably the cause of the other doctor asking me how big I was because a fibroid can cause me to measure bigger than normal. She said that while I'm 26 weeks I was measuring about 28 to 29, closer to 28 though. She said she would keep an eye on it and if I jump to measuring bigger next time, only at that point would we get concerned. But that this was normal and nothing to be concerned about. (amazing how a simple explanation can make you feel so much better!)

Overall, I look great, weight gain is perfect, baby's heart rate is strong and around 160 again. (told you I was feeling more girl) and that I need to come back in 2 weeks (turns out my schedule sucks in 2 weeks so it has to be 3) and I need a few more labs drawn as well as my glucose test. I also go several samples of prenatal vitamins and I was told I need to take more iron.

I feel so much better about this pregnancy now and it really goes to show you that you need to trust your instincts and well as have full confidence in your OB. I am so thrilled and excited for my decision. Baby and I are in good hands! My next appointment is with one of her partners but I'm ok with that since I will need to meet him anyways. She was just not in the office my only available day.

What a great day! I'm truly blessed!

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  1. That is one thing I absolutely love about Dr.G, she explains everything and answers all of your questions. Plus, she is not quick to go straight to interventions. I think you will be very happy with her practice.