Wednesday, July 6, 2011

And We're Down to ONE!

Well it's official, I have ONE CLASS left in nursing school! I couldn't be happier about this!!!

I am so done with being in school, working and trying to a nursery done to prepare for my little miracle (I sound awfully bitter, I'm really not though). It's just hard to have to work almost every weekend and miss out on so much. I've had to miss baby showers, bridal showers and cookouts with friends and I hate that!

But my community health clinical is over and it was truly an eye opening experience. I loved getting to see the different pace of what nursing can be. I had my experience at two different places, one was the Diabetes Center and the other was Tender Care Home Health. Both offered me something different and opened my eyes to a type of nursing that I had never thought about before.

I went into this clinical not knowing what to expect and not really sure if it was for me. But I can honestly say that I enjoyed it and it turned out to be a lot more than I could have ever anticipated. There was a lot of paper work involved but the exams were straight forward(SHOCKER) the instructors were great and so was teacher in charge of the class. I have to say minus the first day and all the chaos that went with it. It was one of my favorite and best classes.

Now we are onto my final class which is Leadership. I'm a little nervous about this class. Our clinical consists of following a charge nurse...SIX times. Really? I can see one or two times but six is a lot, so I think it's going to be some long days involved because these clinicals are for 12 hours...yikes.

But so far the book is a an easy read and I'm hoping the exams and stuff won't be too bad. I just can't wait to be done! This whole nursing school experience has been hard and trying on me. It has really tested what I am made of and SOOOO ready to be done!

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