Thursday, March 4, 2010

Application IN!

Well this week has been quite busy for me. For starters I have turned in my nursing application!!!! YAY!!! All this hard work and exile from friends and family has come down to a mere 5 pages worth of information. It seems odd that all my credentials and everything that would make me eligible for nursing school fits on 5 pages. And none of those pages says anything about me as a person. It's all a bunch of numbers, Grades, immunization dates, Immunity level, and a background check. Oh joy!

It's surprising they don't take personality into account...Being that I work at a hospital I have seen some GREAT nurses and I've seen some extremely BAD nurses. It perplexes me that a job that is so hands on and so people oriented doesn't require some sort of personality test. I mean nursing isn't for everyone just as accounting and construction aren't. It takes the right personality to deal with doctors and patients and it baffles me that just because my grades aren't up to par(apparently a 3.6 GPA isn't good enough) I can't seem to get in to any other nursing program(well without retaking every prerequisite class, sorry IUPUI but my concrete, static and strength of materials classes came before my psych 120, and Math 154 class). But oh well I think in the end Marian is the right fit for me, plus clinicals will be at a hospital I already know and love. I get to work at my own pace and hopefully keep my job at the same time. Someone has to carry the benefits and lets face it construction companies benefits are TOO EXPENSIVE!

As I turned in my application they told me that I will register for classes in 2 weeks and I will begin classes a mere 2 days after the spring semester is over. The kicker is that I will not know if I am officially in the program until after classes begin. Now I don't foresee this being a problem with my near 4.0 GPA this time around, it's just annoying not knowing for sure. But I guess beggars can't be choosers.

So it seems my life as a student is about to hit full swing once again, as if it wasn't already. I am praying that these next 17 months go by quickly and with as little stress as possible. I apologize in advance to all my friends and family for being a bad family member and a friend. I will try my best to stay in all of your lives but you may have to cut me a little slack for the next year and half. Then I promise I'll be back to normal! :)
Cheers to the beginning of the end! (lets pretend I drink just for this)

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