Friday, February 19, 2010

School is a Pain

So this week has been very lazy for me. I think that in my 12th semester of school I'm growing a little tired of this whole student life and living on nothing. I'm getting down on myself because I see so many of my friends really getting to live their lives and have fun, take fun vacations, have babies and just enjoy life without the added responsibilities of school. But I need to stop moping around and just focus on the light at the end of the tunnel. 17 months and it will all be worth it. And really 17 months is like nothing, Adam and I still have plenty of time to enjoy life and have kids and do all the fun things. This is just a means to our end right now and it's better to be in a "career" I enjoy rather than hating every second of everyday that I was at work.

Ok so here's to buckling down and getting some Crap done! Someday I'll enjoy my weekends again!

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