Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Spring Break

Rememeber when we counted down the days to spring break? that wonderful week that would break up the monotanousness that is school and homework. Just to get away to anywhere for a week to escape and relax. I used to look forward to those days. Now not so much.

This year I was looking forward to spring break so I could sleep past 8!! and so that I could finally clean my house the way it should be cleaned. sounds like a great way to spend spring brek huh? All I have to say is that no wonder my house is's taken me 3 days to get everything cleaned! thats ridiculous, granted one of those days was spent shampooing my bedroom and bathroom(man are those dogs dirty!!!). I need to make it more of a priority but honestly I can't seem to make myself do it. Any spare moment I have I would rather sleep, or watch a tv show(well with ABC cancelling so many of the ones I watch maybe I could clean instead)

well besides cleaning my filthy house that finally feels clean, i've been looking into picking paint colors for the living room. We've finally ordered furniture for our living room and it will be here in a few weeks and I'd like to get an idea of the color to paint the living room so that one room in my house will finally be done. But for now I've settled with finishing my kitchen for the most part. I mean i still want to change a lot of stuff but for now minus a few wall decorations and such its pretty much done. Slowly but surely this house will be cute and decorated, that decorating gene could kick in anytime and I'd be happy.

OH WELL, that why i have great friends to help me decorate!

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