Thursday, March 25, 2010

Nerves Part II

So a couple of days ago I blogged about my how nervous I was about my husbands job. Well it unfortunately turns out that my nerves were not unmerited. Yesterday while I was hangout with my friend Katie, my husband text's me..."Matt got hit by a car and broke both legs" my immediate response was..."you're not funny!" and he said "I'm not joking, I wouldn't joke about something like that". That's when my stomach hit the floor and I felt as though I could puke. One of my greatest fears was just confirmed by someone that works with my husband. Now thank heavens Adam was in Richmond yesterday but that does little to ease my mind.
This accident didn't happen while they were running into the middle of I65. No this time they were in the median setting up stationing, the grassy median between the north and south bound lanes. This lady was in the right hand lane going north on 65. She became distracted because she had small dogs on her lap and was paying attention to them instead of the road. SO what she did was cross the left hand lane and went to the median. Thanks to Leo giving Matt a heads up that the car was coming towards him, Matt was able to jump and try to get over the gye wire so that all she hit were his legs which in turn were both broken along with his legs. I am so thankful that Matt is ok and that all that was broken were his legs. I hope this lady and many of us realize how dangerous driving is. The important thing is while in a car pay attention to the road a head of you and NOTHING ELSE. PUT THE CELL PHONES DOWN, LET THE KIDS CRY AND LEAVE THE DOGS ALONE! you are taking someone's life in your hand every time you take your eyes off the road!!!!!!!!!!! SO many people are afraid of flying because when accidents happen they are broadcasted over the news for weeks. What people don't realize is that more people die from car related accidents. Maybe if our media gave car accidents more attention people would be more careful behind the can only hope!

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