Monday, March 22, 2010

Home Improvements

So Adam and I have been living in our current house for almost 2 years. Wow how time flies. The first thing I did when he moved in, he moved in 2 weeks before we got married and I didn't move in till after our honeymoon, was with the help of my wonderful sister was paint! The old owners had this horrible baby diarrhea color on the wall. I hated it! So i picked out a blueish gray color because I really don't like topey brown colors. I felt that was enough for the first few weeks in the house.
Of course since Adam had lived in apartments for the previous 5 years before we met he had minimal furniture and what he did have he gave away to his brother or let his ex girlfriends keep (I was totally fine with that idea!!) We didn't have much when it came to furniture when we bought our home. We had invested in bedroom furniture that we bought off an old friend of his. But nothing else really. No kitchen table, no living room furniture nothing! So thanks to my wonderful Godmother she was buying new furniture for her house so she gave us a couch! So now we had a couch and a tv. that was it. HAHA
After we got back from our honeymoon we bought a table off craigslist. Which we totally spent too much on, but it was a table, and it really was perfect because Sadie ended up chewing on some of the chairs as a pup. Thanks so his grandparents moving they gave us dining room table and chairs, a china cabinet and a kitchen table! Wow. Plus thanks to my wondeful father who built us a more functional pantry our kitchen finally looks like its coming along...
This is the before, There was a horrible border before but I took it my joke of a pantry we used to have..

Here is the after. I think it looks so much better. My pantry is awesome! I've also changed the light fixture over the table but I just haven't taken a picture of it yet. I also spray painted the light fixures, someday I will repalce them but until then they will do. And I'll also eventually get all black appliances!

So this past weekend Adam and I finally got living room furniture! One day last month I was at a friends house sitting on her couch and it was so comfortable and her living room looked so homey and put together. So I looked online and found this cute living room set. After sitting on the idea for a week, Adam and I decided to go ahead and buy the furniture and on Saturday it was delivered!
Here is what the living room looked like before.

Adam then cleaned the carpets. I looks so nice! Plus you can still see the plastic on the windows, I'll take those down an put up some window treatments.

AND here is the final product. I still have to pick a paint color and I'm thinking of buying an area rug and of course pick so pictures to frame...maybe some wedding pictures?? HAHA

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