Sunday, March 21, 2010


SO this weekend has been anxiety ridden. Adam was working on I65 shooting centerline for the new added lane around the Lebannon area. He informed me on friday that he was going to be working OT(YAY). Then he told me they were going to be doing all of this without a lane closure which means they were running to the center of I65 inbetween cars trying to avoid getting hit. Sounds really safe doesn't it? Maybe thats why the cops were called several times and they almost caused a few accidents. sometimes people's intelligence is just astounding!!!!! But then he said that they would have to finish it by today beacuse on Monday the police would process all the calls and deem it unsafe to do the work. Well luckily they finished it this afternoon! But none the less I have been a ball of nerves for 2 days!
But the important thing I guess is that he is safe thanks to lots of prayers!!! I just hope next time his boss takes their safety into more of an account than the money they are making of the work. But I think that's impossible due to the society we live in that is so money hungry it makes me sick. MONEY ISN'T EVERYTHING! and I can attest to this since I make squat! What is important is God, family and great friends. Perhaps our focus as a society needs to change...but I'm not holding my breath!

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