Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Bachelorette Party and more

Ok so I realize it's been a while since this bachelorette party but I thought better late than never. So Saturday morning mom was running late but we ended up getting on our way around noon for Nashville. Mom had just gotten her new phone and so I told her I would enter all of her contacts for her, which took from my house to Louisville I might add. Holy cow did that woman have a lot of contacts!
Well anyways before we left, I placed my bag behind the drivers seat because mom told me that behind the passenger seat was wet, but they weren't sure why, they thought maybe someone spilt something. So my bag had all my books and my computer in it. Once we hit Louisville I take out my computer and it has a bit of water on it. I dig further and all of my books are covered in water. In fact my bag is drenched! So I take out everything and to try and dry it out. When we get to the hotel mom backs up in the parking lot which is on a hill and this is what we discover behind the passenger seat...
there is 3 inches of standing water! So mom and I take a towel and get as much water out as we can. But it was still wet when we left the next day. Turned out that the tree my sister parks under at my parents house had a bunch of leaves that fell off and clogged the AC line. ohhh you gotta love the Camry!
Well once we got to Nashville mom took at nap and I studied before we headed to Jenn's apartment.
We got to Jenn's apartment and it literally started POURING! It was a mess! But we just ate and played some drinking games and had a really good time. After a while we all headed out to the bars! Kari and Jess hosted the party and got us all a limo! it was so awesome!

SO we went to a piano bar, much like howl at the moon and then to cadillac ranch, and finished up the night at a bar called decades. All in all it was a really fun night. Jenn had a blast and completed all her "tasks".

 I'm really thankful that my mom was able to take me down there because I don't know how I would have been able to go to the party and study for my exam. So thank you mom! I was able to get a lot of studying done on the way home.

The rest of the week was quite a challenge! I don't know what it is but I feel like I constantly have a pit in the bottom of my stomach. Maybe its stress or maybe it's nerves. I'm not sure but I just am always so freaking tired and just not feeling myself. I miss having a life! I miss having time to enjoy life. While I make time to see friends and family, my mind is always somewhere else. I really miss being able to enjoy life. But I know in the end this will all be worth it!
So last week I had one big quiz and 1 exam. The quiz went well but the test not so much. I don't know what it is about this class but I just can't seem to pass her exams. I mean I still have a good grade in the class overall but the exams are just extremely challenging for me. So the exam that I was so worried about and didn't go well. I mean part of it could have been that I had to work the day before the exam because of clinicals and the fact that I needed friday off for Jenn's rehearsal but still I wish I could have done better. But I just have to focus on the fact that my grade overall is good. So I think that this whole school thing is just wearing on me, I miss having a life. But 13 months from now and I will! :)

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  1. Hang in there! It will be so worth it in the end and you will be so relieved when it is all over. :)