Tuesday, July 13, 2010

What's it like?

So while I am still in the mist of my emotional breakdown, during my walk last night I think I figured it out. School is draining me to no end. I don't even remember what it's like to not having anything to do. I was thinking while walking with the dogs last night. What's it like to not have to do homework? What's it like to not have to read 5 bazillion chapters of different books and study each of them? What's it like not having an exam weighing over my head? What's it like to not have a pit in the bottom of my stomach?
Well I came up with the answer. I have been going NON-STOP school work since January! Granted I had "spring break" which i used to catch up on school work and clean my house. and then I had a whopping 2 days off between semesters and I worked both of them!
So I think my emotional breakdown really stems from just not really having time to myself or to spend with the ones I love. So I apologize for being negative nelly yesterday. Just have to try and stay focused but sometimes it really is hard. I have just 13 months left and I really can't wait! Thanks to all for your support! I appreciate it a lot!

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