Wednesday, July 7, 2010

She's Officially Mrs. Reynolds!

One of my dearest friends got married this weekend! I couldn't be happier for her! I sometimes feel like we waited and waited for this day to happen and other times it feels like it was just yesterday that they started dating. Well either way it was a beautiful day to have gotten married! It was unseasonably cool for July so that made for nice weather to have a wedding.

Well the wedding festivities started on friday! All the bridesmaids got manicures and pedicures. I only got a pedicure because I chose to save a little money and paint my finger nails myself, although I have to say that never happened. Then while others were finishing up their pedicures and stuff I went to go get my eyebrows threaded. Jennifer had me convinced this would hurt like no other, but honestly I didn't think it hurt at all and I loved the way they looked afterwards! I think I just found a new obsession for myself! Well after everyone was done with the nail painting hoopla Mrs. Rix (yes I've known her for almost 15 years and I still call her Mrs. Rix) hosted a bridal luncheon at this really cool restaurant in downtown Carmel called Serindipity. The food was DELISH! and it has a cool story, it used to be a bank and John Dillinger actually robbed it once! Here is a picture of all the attendees at the bridal luncheon standing in front of the vault that Dillinger once robbed. I have to say I thought this was really cool!

This other picture is just all the bridesmaids :)
After lunch me and Vina went and ran some errands, got her a dress for the rehearsal and got Jenn's ring cleaned.
heres a picture of the couple one last time before they get married!!! :)
The rehearsal was so much fun. Matt's parents had catered in Famous Daves BBQ! It was so good. I swear I feel like I gained 10 lbs after all the food!

Well then Saturday was the BIG day. Poor Jenn was running around to all her different appointments and I think it quite honestly stressed her out a bit. First of all her hair appointment took an whole hour longer than anticipated so it set her back for her other appointments. But once she got the the church and got her dress on, it was semi smooth sailing. I don't any pictures from the ceremony because being in the wedding I obviously could not stand up there and take pictures. After the ceremony it was time to party!!!!!! They had their reception at the Monon Center. It was so beautiful. The place had a balcony that people could be out on, just simply beautiful!!!!
Her pretty Cake!

Now I know this was a big thing for Jenn because the girl does not like cake. She originally wanted and Ice cream bar but cost wise that wasn't possible! But she gave in and did a cake, (I mean wedding cake is much better than birthday cake!) it was a beautiful cake and she got to have that whole odd tradition of feeding each other. (kind of an odd tradition when you think about it).
Then it was time for the dances, and well the party to really start! :)

They danced to Bring it On Home by Little Big Town. Which was perfect for them! Such a sweet song that they have loved since they started dating!
After all the traditional stuff the real fun started. We danced and danced and had a blast!!! It was an awesome time!
One of my favorite moments of the whole reception was when all my friends from High School were able to get together for a picture. Often times with many of us living throughout the country we are never all in the same place. So it was a special moment!
The wedding was a nice break from reality! A much needed break from school I didn't look at a single book this weekend and I may pay for it this week but it was well worth it!
Congrats to Matt and Jenn! Welcome to the married club! IT ROCKS!

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