Monday, May 10, 2010


UGGGG, So I'm a little frustrated with peoples attitudes lately. I feel like everywhere I go people complain about something and talk bad about someone. Where did all the positivity go? I mean seriously! It's annoying! Having a little bit of a positive attitude will get you so much farther!

Working at a Hospital with a bunch of women is a trip, and not necessarily a good one! Women are so much more catty and irritating than men. NO WONDER MEN ALWAYS COMPLAIN! but seriously in all honesty I would love to come to work and have 2% of the people in a good mood with a positive attitude.
I'm not a naturally positive person, I work EXTREMELY hard at being positive. But it's my new goal in life to find the positive in every situation. While I know not everyone has the same sentiment as me, I just feel that having a positive attitude will make everyone happier. It seems like everywhere I go people are pissed of at someone or something. We are all wound a little too tight if we get bent out of shape everyday about something. I would love to challenge the people in my life to go 1 day with out complaining about something. HELL 1 hour! Now I know I'm doing a bit of complaining myself and for that i'm sorry, it's just people and their attitude problems are really starting to get to me. So please LIGHTEN UP! BE POSTIVE AND GET OVER IT! K loves! BYE

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