Thursday, May 20, 2010

Exhaustion just doesn't cover it

So nursing school is in full swing and let me just tell you that it is so much information!!!!! OMG! I'm getting a little overwhelmed just trying to stay on top of everything. What scares me the most is right now I only have 3 classes and coming in June I am done with one class but pick up 3 more!!! AHHHH So i'm just having a little bit of a freak out moment. 
But anyways I do have to say I LOVE SCHOOL! The people that are in my class are amazing! They are ALL so nice, and sweet. I never thought I'd say that about a group of mostly girls EVER! 
Being that this is my second time in school it kind of makes me sad to think that I didn't have such a great experience the first time. What I liked about Purdue was getting to be closer to my cousin and other family members. I mean lets face it I didn't really make any friends. My roommates were just too different from me to make the friendship work. It makes me sad sometimes to think about how we all just let the friendship die instead of getting over hurt feelings and just realizing that perhaps we could have been better friends so long as we didn't live together.  I often times think of writing them an email of some sort just to apologize for my actions. Maybe someday I'll get the courage, cause I'm just not sure how they would take it. 
But anyways it feels good to finally feel like I'm doing what I should with my life. I truly enjoy all of these classes and what I am learning. It's a great feeling to no longer feel lost. I love construction and all that it entails but I think as I was recently told by some people from my past that Nursing truly is a better fit for me and my strengths...hmmm now if only I would have listened to them when I was in high school! 
Well either way the road I've taken to get here may not have been the straight and easy one, I'm here and I'm loving it, I may be a little stressed at times but I'm happy! I feel bad that I have to miss out on so much with family and friends but it will all be worth it in the end. I was never one who wanted a career so at least now I will be enjoying what I'm doing instead of having to focus on trying to build a career. PLUS I will be able to be there for my kids :) YAY!
So the exhaustion will pass and I will get through this! Well TTFN!!! time to go get some sleep...yeah right!

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